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Finnish Broadcasting Company: Why Helsinki doesn’t extend upwards?

Extensions to existing buildings are beginning to rise above the urban and industrial areas of Helsinki’s currently rather horizontal skyline. As The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reports, the number of extensions upward is still quite small – yet there is growing interest in the air. The demand for housing in urban areas continues to grow […]

Choosing Energy-Efficient Windows

Windows are one of the ways in which heat will be lost from your home, but with improved technology, energy-efficient windows can reduce the amount of heat lost as well as the amount of noise that enters into your home. This can be achieved with secondary glazing, double or triple glazing or more simply, by […]

How to make your windows more energy efficient

At this time of the year we are very used to hearing people ask how they can avoid losing heat through their windows. Windows feel much colder in winter and they can be very inefficient. Looking at ways to make your windows more energy efficient can help you to save money and use less energy […]

Sophisticated radiators for the stylish home

We all know that the main purpose of radiators is to heat your home but just because they are practical doesn’t mean they cannot be stylish.  Whether you want your radiators to stand out as a design feature in a contemporary apartment or blend in sympathetically with a Victorian building, cast iron radiators in a […]

Is double-glazing worth the cost?

With all the hype surrounding green energy and efficiency it is difficult to decide what is the right choice for your home, especially with contractors quoting extortionate amounts of money for certain jobs. Most of us follow the logic that heat rises and so loft insulation is the first important step in insulating your property. […]

5 Easy Ways To Tackle Soaring Home Energy Costs

It goes without saying that times have been tough in recent years, and it’s had an enormous impact on household finances. One area that seems to have particularly spiralled out of control is energy costs – with a rising dependence on foreign resources, we’ve seen a 131.1% rise in costs over the last 10 years.

What is the cheapest way to improve insulation in my home?

One of the best ways to insulate your home is to install cavity wall insulation. Generally speaking, most homes built after 1920 come with a gap between the external and internal walls that can cause your home to be significantly less insulated. Consumer group Which? actually reported that if you leave this gap untreated then […]

Interior Design Tips for Decorating Your Conservatory this Summer

A conservatory allows you the chance to enjoy the benefits of the summer while sheltering you from the unpredictable British weather, and it is for this reason that they are one of the most sought after features for homeowners in 2014. However, too often people neglect to keep their conservatory’s design fresh and updated, instead […]

Things to Know Before Getting Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is a well known and well marketed energy efficiency measure. There are ongoing grants and schemes to help with the costs of Cavity Wall insulation and it definitely has an effect on helping to retain heat and therefore reduce heating costs of a property. However, there are always things you should check […]

6 Tips for choosing insulation for your home

Choosing insulation material for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many options and it can be difficult to select the right thing for you. You need insulation otherwise you will lose a quarter of your heat through your roof. Also, if you choose the correct insulation, it can be effective for […]

Can energy efficiency add £25K to the value of my home?

This blog explores the report released recently that claims there is a strong connection between an energy efficient home and increased property prices. You will learn about the main details of the report as well as how you can make simple changes to your home to increase the price tag on your property.

A Guide to Double Glazing

Double-glazing is known for helping to insulate your home and for helping you save money on your bills. It is predicted that by having double-glazing throughout your home, you could save up to £170 a year on your heating bills and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Getting double glazing in your home can be an […]

The Pros and Cons of Heated Floors

Winter is here and, at this time of the year, heated flooring is a really tempting addition to make to your home. Thoughts of running into the kitchen in the morning to make a cup of tea only to be met with toasty warm tiles sounds very appealing. Similarly, when you step out of the […]

Energy Efficient Interior Design

Having an energy efficient home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and taste. These days, advanced homes, in terms of energy efficient technology, can be attractive and innovative design projects.

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