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What to do if you think your Energy Performance Certificate is incorrect?

There are several circumstances within which you might think your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is wrong. You may have moved into a new home and found that you use much more energy than the EPC implied. These circumstances can be frustrating and you may want to seek out ways to complain. It is important that […]

The Energy-efficiency of a Property Could Become a Key Factor in Mortgages

In order to encourage improvements that will increase the energy-efficiency of properties in the UK, it has been suggested that financial gains need to be put in place. And, with plans already underway, the accuracy of mortgage lending could play an integral role in meeting these requirements. BRE, Nationwide, the Energy Saving Trust and many […]

SunEdison launches the search for #britainsbrighteststreet to Britain’s homeowners

SunEdison is on the hunt for Britain’s most solar savvy street by offering 10 years’ worth of solar generated electricity to participating neighbours in the selected street #BritainsBrightestStreet participating homeowners can save approximately 45% on their electricity bills and on top of this, SunEdison will also contribute a PV system to the community SunEdison, Inc., […]

Is First Choice EPC worth the risk?

There has been a storm of protest from both assessors and customers over the business practices of online EPC provider First Choice EPC, and complaints are said to have been made about the organisation to police and Trading Standards. According to posts on this blog, not only is the panel often failing to pay assessors […]

Differences between the EPC heatload and Renewable Heat installer’s Heat loss Calculations

In my seven years of producing Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) I have been contacted more than once by clients telling me that the heating costs on their EPC is too high and that the EPC will put off potential buyers or tenants. But recently I have been getting calls from clients telling me that my […]

Can energy efficiency add £25K to the value of my home?

This blog explores the report released recently that claims there is a strong connection between an energy efficient home and increased property prices. You will learn about the main details of the report as well as how you can make simple changes to your home to increase the price tag on your property.

Good idea to invest in the solar PV package from IKEA?

Solar panels are expensive and the industry has been subject to quite a lull recently due to the cost and cut in feed-in-tariff. It is a serious investment to get a solar panelling system in your home, and, with the concerns over how much added value they add to your property, homeowners have been sceptical. […]

A new era for EPC accreditation bodies

Something unprecedented is now going on with some accreditation bodies. They might tell me I’m wrong, but I don’t ever recall a time when ABs stood up to defend assessors in the way that some have done over the Landmark fee increases rushed out by DCLG.

Commercial EPCs – Reading The Recommendations Report (Part 2)

In this briefing we will look at the Recommendations for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon footprint and energy costs contained in the Recommendations Report attached to the EPC.

Rogue EPC panels the battle continues

The battle against the rogue EPC panels which have been bringing the energy assessment industry into disrepute is still going on – though sadly with more losers than winners amongst assessors and members of the public at present.

Commercial EPCs – Reading The Recommendations Report (Part 1)

Every commercial Energy Performance Certificate is actually a 2-part document. The first part, fronted by a graph looking rather like a domestic EPC is the one which receives the most attention, because it look familiar, but in fact legally it must at all times be accompanied by a Recommendations Report. If the one you come […]

Commercial EPCs – What Are They?

At first glance a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate looks very similar to a domestic EPC, but underneath they are quite different creatures. Whereas the domestic EPC methodology (RDSAP) makes assumptions based on the Building Regulations deemed to have been applicable at the time of build, the commercial EPC methodology (SBEM) requires the commercial assessor to […]

Conveyancing and the Green Deal Scheme

The Energy Bill is currently passing through Parliament and is expected to receive Royal Assent later this year. Amongst other provisions, it sets out the legal framework for the Green Deal, the Government’s new flagship environmental policy under which it is hoped that up to 14 million home owners will be encouraged to install energy […]

Massive expansion in Display Energy Certificates

We could soon see the next step in a process which could lead to a massive expansion in the use of Display Energy Certificates. September should hopefully see the second reading of an amendment which could add a clause to the Energy Bill currently going through Parliament, requiring commercial premises to have Display Energy Certificates […]

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