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4 Energy Saving Changes All Commercial Property Owners Should Make

Energy efficiency in residential properties is a massive problem – Kevin McCloud, the famous Gran Designs host and co-founder of the Future Living retrofit firm, has been quoted as saying “There are some 26 million homes in Britain, most of them about as well insulated as a rabbit hutch, and they need immediate help to […]

Supermarkets take on the energy saving challenge

Supermarkets are perfect for testing energy efficiency. If you consider the amount of nationwide stores with multiple distribution centres and so on, there is plenty of room to save money and reduce the carbon footprint. If this giant industry could become sustainable not only would it be a huge achievement for the UK but also […]

10 cheap ways to warm up your home this winter

We are deep into another brisk winter and back to that familiar ‘brace’ feeling when the energy bills arrive at the end of every month. Many solutions to hefty bills and bad insulation cost a lot of money and can deter families from taking action to try and warm up their homes. There are some […]

How to save energy at Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and along with the price of all your lovely gifts comes the price of heating your home through the winter months. This year Brits are expected to spend a whopping £13 billion on presents at an average of £28 per gift so the last thing you need is a huge […]

It is Energy Saving Week – do your part!

This week is Energy Saving Week from October 21 to 25 and this is your opportunity to really look at the way you are using energy in your home. The Energy Saving Trust has many different tips for your home to help you save energy and they even go room by room for your convenience. […]

Saving Energy & Money with Loft & Roof Insulation

Have you ever walked down your street after it has snowed and looked at all the homes with snow on the roofs and all those without? This is generally a good indication as to who has the best insulation and who needs to improve theirs. In your home up to a quarter of the heat […]

Make Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

As we are constantly reminded that we need to be ‘green’ and how it will save us money, many of us will look on in envy at those lucky people who are having the chance to build an eco-friendly home. Not only do they get to do their bit for the environment, but they will […]

“The Night Before an Energy Saving Christmas…”

‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Every light blazed brightly Nothing was doused. “Bloody Hell” Said Santa As he flew nearby “What’s that over there, Rudolph? It’s lighting up the sky.”

Is the Electric Car now a viable option?

The electric car has long been hailed as the car of the future. Car companies have invested in better performing and reliable cars. The Government are encouraging sales by offering grants to buyers and providing more power points for recharging cars.

How to save energy and money around the bathroom

Saving energy in the home can sometimes seem like a daunting unachievable task so it often helps if you can break each area or room down so you can target individually to improve efficiency. Some areas where you can make savings can be generic throughout the home but some can be more specific to a […]

Getting a Smart Meter in Your Home

Smart meters have been introduced to replace the standard gas and electricity meters installed in your home, with plans for every home in the UK to have one by the year 2019. There will be no need for meter readings once these are installed and they will also allow you to monitor how much energy […]

Why Have Energy Saving Light Bulbs Taken Over?

In most shops now you will find that energy efficient light bulbs dominate the shelves, and over the next couple of years inefficient light bulbs will have been completely phased out. But just how much energy will they save and who has implemented these changes?

Energy Saving Made Easy

With all the information and advice it is easy to become overwhelmed with energy saving. From being told ‘turn those lights off!’ to being promised ‘this is the best energy saving product on the market’ it can feel like a bit of a minefield. There is no need to worry. Energy saving doesn’t have to […]

The Top Ten Gadgets to Help You Save Energy

Sometimes it may seem like energy saving can take a lot of effort. The rewards are more than worth it but sometimes we need more. We need help. We need it to be fun!

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