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Is double-glazing worth the cost?

With all the hype surrounding green energy and efficiency it is difficult to decide what is the right choice for your home, especially with contractors quoting extortionate amounts of money for certain jobs. Most of us follow the logic that heat rises and so loft insulation is the first important step in insulating your property. […]

What is the cheapest way to improve insulation in my home?

One of the best ways to insulate your home is to install cavity wall insulation. Generally speaking, most homes built after 1920 come with a gap between the external and internal walls that can cause your home to be significantly less insulated. Consumer group Which? actually reported that if you leave this gap untreated then […]

Things to Know Before Getting Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is a well known and well marketed energy efficiency measure. There are ongoing grants and schemes to help with the costs of Cavity Wall insulation and it definitely has an effect on helping to retain heat and therefore reduce heating costs of a property. However, there are always things you should check […]

6 Tips for choosing insulation for your home

Choosing insulation material for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many options and it can be difficult to select the right thing for you. You need insulation otherwise you will lose a quarter of your heat through your roof. Also, if you choose the correct insulation, it can be effective for […]

Choosing Internal Wall Insulation for your home

Just less than half of the properties in the UK have solid walls which means that nearly 50% of homes are losing a significant amount of heat and energy through the walls alone. One third to be precise. With the cost of energy rising all the time and increased awareness of environmental issues associated with […]

NIA and EST advise householders to insulate ready for Winter

The National Insulation Association (NIA) and Energy Saving Trust (EST) are urging older people and those in fuel poverty to act now and insulate their properties. The NIA and EST advise that keeping a home warm is vital to certain groups in society especially the old. Research by Age UK states that this winter as […]

Saving Energy & Money with Loft & Roof Insulation

Have you ever walked down your street after it has snowed and looked at all the homes with snow on the roofs and all those without? This is generally a good indication as to who has the best insulation and who needs to improve theirs. In your home up to a quarter of the heat […]

Homeowners take action to cut energy bills

Chilly UK homeowners are taking action after a string of harsh winters – with more than a million fitting extra insulation to their property in the last year, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found.

10 Tips When Undertaking Wall Insulation

There has been a lot written about wall insulation and the virtues of having it fitted into your property. Wall insulation can undoubtedly save money when done correctly and it doesn’t take long to claw back the initial investment, particularly in the case of cavity wall insulation. However there are some issues that you should […]

Energy Efficiency in Hard to Treat Homes

So what do a flat, a building without a loft, and a property constructed with solid walls have in common? Well, they are all regarded as ‘Hard to Treat Homes’ or HTTH for energy efficiency measures. This can mean extra costs or labour intensive measures to help permanently reduce the amount of energy a property […]

Using Foam Board Insulation

When it comes to thinking of types of insulation probably the first thing that comes to mind is the typical mineral wool style insulation that you normally find in the loft. This insulation type is now the most common standard when it comes to fitting insulation into the home, in fact so common that it […]

Solid Wall Insulation – Ins & Outs

There is a lot of media attention around Cavity Walls and the benefits of having Cavity Wall Insulation injected into the cavity gap in a property. It is regarded as one of the biggest energy saving areas that can be undertaken on a property and is the focus of many subsidised schemes and grants around […]

Understanding The “Passivhaus” Building Standard

All new properties built in the UK must be built in accordance with building regulations. Building regulations cover just about every expect of the build and include structural stability, electrical and gas safety, minimum hygiene standards such as fresh water etc etc.

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