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Finnish Broadcasting Company: Why Helsinki doesn’t extend upwards?

Extensions to existing buildings are beginning to rise above the urban and industrial areas of Helsinki’s currently rather horizontal skyline. As The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reports, the number of extensions upward is still quite small – yet there is growing interest in the air. The demand for housing in urban areas continues to grow […]

Castle and contents: insuring your home

‘For a man’s house is his castle,’ wrote Sir Edward Coke in 1628 – and just as a moat protects a castle, contents insurance protects the treasures that make bricks and mortar a home.

Consent of a Lender for Solar PV Rent a Roof Schemes

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff scheme in April 2010 a number of installers have begun to offer free solar panels to home owners who cannot afford, or do not wish to pay for, solar panels. The companies install the panels in exchange for the home owner entering into a lease of the […]

Do I Need Planning Permission For Installing Solar Roof Panels?

Up until April 2008 it was necessary to apply for planning permission in order to install solar panels. The government however wants us all to use more renewable energy and so in 2008 it changed the planning rules in order to make it easier to do so.

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