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How to make your windows more energy efficient

At this time of the year we are very used to hearing people ask how they can avoid losing heat through their windows. Windows feel much colder in winter and they can be very inefficient. Looking at ways to make your windows more energy efficient can help you to save money and use less energy […]

5 Easy Ways To Tackle Soaring Home Energy Costs

It goes without saying that times have been tough in recent years, and it’s had an enormous impact on household finances. One area that seems to have particularly spiralled out of control is energy costs – with a rising dependence on foreign resources, we’ve seen a 131.1% rise in costs over the last 10 years.

A Guide to Double Glazing

Double-glazing is known for helping to insulate your home and for helping you save money on your bills. It is predicted that by having double-glazing throughout your home, you could save up to £170 a year on your heating bills and significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Getting double glazing in your home can be an […]

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