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Eco & Energy Saving Appliances

Energy saving appliances can make a real difference to the energy consumption of what are for most necessities. When purchasing a new washing machine or fridge/freezer it often makes financial and environmental sense to choose the energy efficient option. There is a scheme which issues an Energy Saving Recommended logo to individual appliances where the manufacturers meet strict guidelines on energy efficiency performance.

How can appliances be more energy efficient?

Energy Efficient Kettles

Electric kettles are found and used regularly in the majority of kitchens. Energy Saving Recommended kettles or commercial water boilers have to meet strict testing and evaluation to obtain the right to use the energy saving logo. An energy saving kettle must use 20% less energy than an average kettle.

If every household in the UK used an Energy Saving Kettle, we could save over £150 million of energy a year. This equates to enough electricity to power over 300,000 homes for a full year.

Energy Saving Washing Machines

Washing machines are assessed for their ecological impact on 3 categories; energy efficiency, spin efficiency and wash performance. To reach the prestigious industry standard of a 'triple A' rated washing machine, the manufacturer must therefore meet standards of A for energy efficiency, A for spin efficiency and A for wash performance.

Eco Dishwashers

It can cost approximately 20% more for an older dishwasher to run a standard dish wash cycle than a more modern energy efficient dishwasher. With energy saving dishwasher you will save money on your electricity bills and with reduced cost comes reduced CO2 emissions. In a typical year this could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 50kg.

Environmentally friendly fridge/freezers

Fridge and freezers are rarely tuned off and use electricity constantly to keep our food cold. With an energy saving fridge/freezer it is possible to make good reductions in electric and carbon consumption. A current 'A++' rated version uses just half the electricity of a typical 'A' rated version with almost identical features. It is calculated we could save more than £500 million million if we all switched to energy saving fridges and freezers.

Energy Efficient Tumble Dryer

Tumble dryers generally use a large amount of energy relatively to other appliances such as a washing machine. Therefore, you must consider whether a tumble dryer is an essential. However, many people do feel a tumble dryer is a required appliance. Due to the high energy usage, an energy efficient tumble dryer will save you substantial energy and money on your electricity bills. As with the above appliances be sure to look out for the Energy Saving Recommended logo to help with your decision.


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