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Sophisticated radiators for the stylish home

We all know that the main purpose of radiators is to heat your home but just because they are practical doesn’t mean they cannot be stylish.  Whether you want your radiators to stand out as a design feature in a contemporary apartment or blend in sympathetically with a Victorian building, cast iron radiators in a suitable paint finish may be the solution you are looking for.

Gone are the days when radiators were seen as just necessary. There are now a wide variety of different cast iron radiators on the market to suit you and your home and each can be built and painted to fit into your vision of how you want your property to look.  Whether you’re looking for a tall slim model or short squat window seat, working on a renovation or new build, there are cast iron radiators to meet your needs.  Here we look at how different radiators can work with your home.

Victoriana: Ideal for the Period Property

For many, living in an older property can be a both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing that the property has some fantastic features such as high ceilings, large skirting boards and beautiful original floors.  The curse can be that they can get very cold and need heating but finding a radiator that compliments a period property can seem tricky, there are reliable solutions out there such as the Victoriana cast iron radiatorwhich are a very popular choice for the more traditional heritage home or listed building.

Viscount: Ideal for the Contemporary Property

For those with a contemporary home, why not make a feature of your cast-iron radiators by having them in closed columns throughout your home.  This style can also work in traditional period properties to give a feeling of period authenticity and warmth.  Viscount cast iron radiators can be painted in a range of colours to fit with the décor of each room.

Bohemian: Ideal for the Historical Building

Maybe you’re restoring an historical building, country residence or converting an old factory into offices but want to keep that industrial yet traditional feel.  Due to the size of some of these buildings you will be best suited to the Bohemian castiron radiator that is not only stylish but provides a high heat output in an efficient and economical way.

Art Deco: Ideal for the ModernDesign

If you have a modern home choose a cast-iron radiator that reflects this by choosing something that is sleek, and stylish and make them a unique feature of your home.   Radiators that are geometrically designed in a 1920’s/30’s style are particularly popular with those who have an appreciation art, design and architectural innovation.

Royal: Ideal for the Classic (Royal)

For those looking for a more decorative radiator there are a variety of opulent styles on the market.  Choosing the Royal castiron radiator with its subtle detail in the cast and ornate scrolling can be a handsome feature inany hall way and indeed any room in your home.

Whatever your taste and design of radiator, cast iron can be assembled in a variety of sizes to fit into the most awkward spaces of your property , rather than making do with white steel panel radiatorswhy not create your own unique look using cast iron radiators in a variety of colours.

When purchasing cast iron radiators it is important to find a supplier who has radiators that are cast in Europe to European EN442 Standards, this will guarantee that high quality materials have been used throughout the casting process right through to the required paint finish providing peace of mind regarding reliability without having to compromise on warmth, style and efficiency.

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