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The Key Benefits of Owning or Renting an Eco Property

Eco properties are paving the way for the property market. Now more than ever, investors and tenants are looking for eco-conscious developments, which has led to a rise in property sales in the UK over the last year.

The idea of eco-friendly developments came about in 2007 when plans were put in place by the British government to build eco-towns throughout the UK. According to the Guardian, since the government first mentioned these plans, more than 30,000 eco property projects have been put into planning.

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UK businesses pledge £3bn investment as they call on PM to back British hydrogen

The UK could see more than £3 billion invested in the emerging hydrogen sector as more businesses step forward to pledge funding – but only if PM Boris Johnson backs the low-carbon fuel in his forthcoming Net Zero speech expected this week.

1/4 of Brits Concerned They’re Unable to Meet Fuel Payments this Winter

2020 Plunges into darkness if energy companies don’t better support customers

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Clever Heating Controls – best on the market?

When it comes to controlling the heat settings in your home, it usually just entails setting the timer to turn the heat on in the morning and then again in the evening for a couple of hours. Maybe you also set the thermostat? Fiddle with a few radiator temperature settings? But beyond these relatively simple settings most people do not do anything else to control their heating in the home. What if we told you that you can now get devices that control the temperature in every room in the house, turning the heat up in one room and down in another. Welcome to the new world of clever heating controls, the latest products to hit the energy saving market in the UK.

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A Guide to Smart Meters

Smart meters are currently being rolled out into all UK homes, with the aim of each household having one by 2020. However, many of us still have questions about them and some are unclear as to whether they’re going to be as beneficial as we’re told.

A smart energy meter is the next generation of gas and electric meters and will provide a multitude of functions that should make energy bills far more clear and accurate. They are digitally connected, which means they can communicate with your energy supplier directly so no-one has to come to your home to carry out meter readings.

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The Energy-efficiency of a Property Could Become a Key Factor in Mortgages

In order to encourage improvements that will increase the energy-efficiency of properties in the UK, it has been suggested that financial gains need to be put in place. And, with plans already underway, the accuracy of mortgage lending could play an integral role in meeting these requirements.

BRE, Nationwide, the Energy Saving Trust and many other companies are currently involved in the LENDERS scheme, a project that involves increasing the accuracy when estimating how much a property is spending on energy. By doing so, they believe this will help to promote a worthy cycle in the property market for energy-efficient homes.

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The Reasons Why You Should be Investing in a Heat Pump

If you’re looking at installing a renewable energy source within your home, the chances are you’ve stumbled across heat pumps, but with everything else on offer out there, it often becomes quite confusing. We’ve digested all of the information about heat pumps for you and provided you with a full detailed guide below that will help you establish whether this source of renewable energy is right for you.

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Is your smart meter really that smart?

All across the UK homes are being fitted with smart meters that claim to make energy use more visible, but the question has been raised as to whether this will actually reduce energy consumption. With three quarters of the British public in favour of smart meters and the sharing of energy use data, the hopes are high and the government plans to have the smart technology installed in every home and business before the closing of the decade. But will homeowners actually pay attention to their metres and monitor more efficient appliances in their home or use as much as they always have to meet their needs? Lets take a look:

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How to buy and install a biomass boiler

A biomass boiler is one of the eligible heating systems for the new Renewable Heat Incentive, an initiative recently released by the government where homeowners are paid back for installing renewable heating systems in their homes. Buying and installing a biomass boiler can be confusing and it is important that you choose the right one for the size of your home.

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Heat pumps – the ‘new’ technology you’ve been using for decades

Despite the current relatively low price of oil and gas, many people are looking at a more sustainable way to heat their homes because they are worried about climate change and realise that fuel prices will not stay low forever.

Many will have now heard of an ‘air source heat pump’ and wondered whether this ‘new’ technology is suitable for their home.

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Finnish Broadcasting Company: Why Helsinki doesn’t extend upwards?

Extensions to existing buildings are beginning to rise above the urban and industrial areas of Helsinki’s currently rather horizontal skyline. As The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE reports, the number of extensions upward is still quite small – yet there is growing interest in the air.

The demand for housing in urban areas continues to grow globally. Today more than half of the world’s population is living in the cities, according to the UN’s The World’s Cities in 2016 report.

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Emerging Markets and the Future of LNG

New players are bolstering the industry, and ensuring the growth of the sector

London 12-01-17 – The total LNG trade reached 244.8 metric tons (MT) in 2015, up 4.7 MT from the previous year. This marks the largest year for LNG trade in the industry’s history, even though Japanese import prices fell drastically between January and December 2015. Despite this, the start of new projects contributed to the buoyancy of the sector and the industry has remained vibrant, continuing to grow. Currently Asia accounts for more than half of global LNG imports, with Japan, South Korea and China leading the way and accounting for just over half of the global market share.

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Over 6 million Brits do not use ANY energy saving devices in their home

12% of adults in the UK admit to not using any energy saving devices in the home, according to new research.

The information comes from a survey carried out on behalf of one of the leading independent suppliers, OVO energy.

The poll interviewed 2,000 UK residents about their approach to energy in the home.

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Cold, cold Christmas for millions of Britain’s vulnerable households

With less than two weeks until Christmas, our thoughts inevitably turn to decorating the tree and curling up by the fire. But for over three million UK households affected by fuel poverty, it could be a cold, cold Christmas ahead.And many millions more financially vulnerable people will struggle to keep the chestnuts roasting this Christmas.

Research from Baringa Partners, conducted earlier this year, exposed financial vulnerability as one of society’s greatest hidden problems. A staggering one in three adults in the UK consider themselves to be financially vulnerable; yet only between three and four percent are classified as such by energy and banking companies, respectively.

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