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What is Dual Rate Electricity, Economy 7?

You may have heard of Economy 7 electricity, or Dual Rate, but what is it? How do you know if you have it? And what good is it if you do have it?

1/4 of Brits Concerned They’re Unable to Meet Fuel Payments this Winter

2020 Plunges into darkness if energy companies don’t better support customers

A Guide to Smart Meters

Smart meters are currently being rolled out into all UK homes, with the aim of each household having one by 2020. However, many of us still have questions about them and some are unclear as to whether they’re going to be as beneficial as we’re told. A smart energy meter is the next generation of […]

Is your smart meter really that smart?

All across the UK homes are being fitted with smart meters that claim to make energy use more visible, but the question has been raised as to whether this will actually reduce energy consumption. With three quarters of the British public in favour of smart meters and the sharing of energy use data, the hopes […]

Emerging Markets and the Future of LNG

New players are bolstering the industry, and ensuring the growth of the sector London 12-01-17 – The total LNG trade reached 244.8 metric tons (MT) in 2015, up 4.7 MT from the previous year. This marks the largest year for LNG trade in the industry’s history, even though Japanese import prices fell drastically between January and […]

Pets Cost Home Owners £78million in Energy Bills 

New research conducted by the Energy Saving Trust suggests that £78million a year extra is being spent on gas and electric by pet owners in the UK as they worry about their furry friends being cold, stressed or lonely whilst they are out. This latest study indicates that two out of five pet owners like […]

CMA sets out proposals to energy market changes

In a summary of its provisional decision on remedies published today, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has set out a comprehensive and wide-ranging package of remedies to address the problems hindering competition, which it proposes to introduce following the conclusion of its investigation in June.

What is collective energy supplier switching?

Collective switching is a process where a group of individuals can negotiate to get a better deal on their energy costs. In most cases a third party representative will act on behalf of the group, such as a charity, business or local council. The idea behind collective switching is that bulk purchases usually result in […]

Annual Home Energy Bills to Soar Over Next Six Years

Home energy customers have been dealt a blow, as it has been revealed that suppliers will be ensuring that they foot the bill for news infrastructure needed in the industry. Despite huge price spikes already taking place in 2013, this trend is set to continue according to consumer groups.

Switching energy providers is easier now? .. not for me to Co-operative Energy

I am not shy about switching energy providers when I feel I am not getting a good deal so recently started the switch from Scottish power to Co-operative energy. When I say recently signed up to co-operative energy in mid December 13. Read on if you like to read about people wasting their time and […]

How to encourage your tenants to be energy efficient

Being a landlord, it can be very frustrating to see your tenants acting irresponsibly towards the environment, especially in your property. They can leave lights on all day, wash their pots with running hot water from the tap and put half loads in the washing machine. As much as it isn’t your responsibility how other […]

Pre-paid Electricity and Gas Meters – more expensive or economical?

It is commonly known that a pre-paid electricity meter is the most expensive way to buy electricity. Yet, depending on which site you believe, between three and six million people receive their electricity through a pre-paid meter.

Understanding Costs Involved In Your Energy Bill

Understanding what costs go into that dreaded bill that arrives on our doormats can be confusing, and although we might sometimes feel as though the costs are plucked out of thin air, there are numerous factors that are taken into account. Below is a breakdown of what costs are involved in a dual fuel bill […]

Installing Gas in your Home

Gas central heating is the most common way to heat our homes. However, approximately 3.6 million homes in the UK are not connected to mains gas.

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