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LED lighting and how it will impact your electricity bills

This blog addressed the advantages of using LED lighting in your home and outlined the impact LED will have on your electricity bills. With LED you will not only save money but you will reduce your carbon footprint on the earth.

Top 8 things to know when purchasing low energy light bulbs

When you look at the statistics for how much power is consumed by lighting in the world you will understand why it is important to start making moves now to choose more efficient light technology in your home. Approximately 19 per cent of the power used on a global scale goes to lighting. Imagine what […]

Using Tech Products For Home Energy Efficiency

Efforts to keep our world clear and sustainable are moving more and more into our homes, as more individuals and companies alike become concerned with the global endeavor. What this means is that rather than waiting around for solar panels to become more mainstream, or debating for years on end whether or not to purchase […]

Is it time for your LED switch over?

Switching to energy efficient lighting is something that I think most of us ‘consider’ to do but never get round to or find some excuse which is often no longer applicable.

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