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The Top Ten Gadgets to Help You Save Energy

Sometimes it may seem like energy saving can take a lot of effort. The rewards are more than worth it but sometimes we need more. We need help. We need it to be fun!

Three Chrome Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances

A lot of the energy we use in the home is used in the kitchen for cooking and boiling water, so it makes sense, both environmentally financially, to look our appliances and see how we can improve them.

Energy Efficiency Ratings and Logos

There are quite a few Energy Efficient Accreditation Schemes that lend their logos or ratings graphs to products that help to improve the Energy Efficiency of the home. This article covers the five most common logos and rating graphs that you might come across.

Battery Saving Eco Gadgets

In the UK we throw away around 600 million batteries a year. Just think about that number for a second. That’s enough batteries, the contents of which are of course poisonous, to stretch all the way to Australia! Another way to look at it is it’s around 10 batteries for every man, woman and child […]

Home Energy Monitors – Do I need one?

A home energy monitor is a must have tool for anyone looking to control their energy usage. It allows you to really understand and analyse the power you use so you can see exactly which areas you need to concentrate on to make cuts.

Cutting the Carbon Cost of Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches there is the inevitable rush to buy everything from presents to food, it’s easy to overlook the carbon cost of the things you buy and the trips you make. Everything we buy, everything we wrap, open and give has a carbon cost to it.

5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Under £20

Is your other half always moaning about how much electricity you use? Are you keen to teach your children about energy conservation? Christmas is just around the corner so why not treat your loved ones, or even just a friend, to an eco-friendly gift?

Energy Monitors – Will I Save Money?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to monitor how much electricity you are using through the day and at specific times? How much electricity does that 5 minute power shower use? How much power does that old freezer in the shed draw? How much are you spending every time you use the kettle? How do you keep […]

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets and Gifts

I don’t know about you, but when I think of solar panels I normally think of the large solar panels that are mounted on buildings to provide electrical supply and hot water. If you think of gadgets you probably think of the good old fashioned solar powered pocket calculator that has been around for decades.

Interested in the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a new incentive introduced by the government to encourage people to generate more of the heat they need from renewable sources, like solar power, heat pumps or anaerobic digestion and so use less fossil fuels. Currently 99% of the heat we need is generated using fossil fuels and the […]

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