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Good idea to invest in the solar PV package from IKEA?

Solar panels are expensive and the industry has been subject to quite a lull recently due to the cost and cut in feed-in-tariff. It is a serious investment to get a solar panelling system in your home, and, with the concerns over how much added value they add to your property, homeowners have been sceptical. […]

An In-depth Guide to Solar Energy

You may think that the British weather isn’t the best for having solar panels installed; but we do get enough sunlight for you to start saving a lot of money from these renewable energy sources. An average of £645 could be saved per year with feed-in tariff payments and savings from your energy bills, if […]

How Will the US – China Trade War Affect the Solar Industry?

As everyone knows, the Chinese manufacturing industry is growing fast and China now dominates global manufacturing. The solar panel manufacturing industry is no different. In 2011, China produced half of all of the rest of the world’s solar panels. This means that US manufacturers are losing valuable market share and in fact were responsible for […]

Are Solar Panels Right For You?

With solar panels popping up on rooftops everywhere it is no surprise that solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. Particularly, the Feed In Tariffs (FIT) has made solar panels more viable either through owning your own panels or through ‘rent your roof’ schemes.

Changes to Feed in Tariff Rates for Solar Panels

The feed in tariff (FIT) was introduced on 1s April 2010 by the Labour Government to encourage us to install equipment in our homes and businesses which generates electricity using low or zero carbon producing “fuels” such as wind, sun or water. People who install energy generating equipment such as solar panels or wind turbines […]

Solar Rent a Roof Scheme May Trap Thousands in Expensive Mortgages

These days it’s normal to remortgage every two or three years. You take a good deal on a fixed interest rate and once the fixed rate expires you switch to whichever lender is offering the best deal at the time. Provided you have sufficient equity in your property and a decent credit rating and your […]

FIT Rate Cuts, Is Now Still a Good Time to Buy Solar PV

Following a review of the feed in tariff rates paid for electricity generated from small scale solar panel installations, the Government recently announced that from 12 December this year the feed in tariff rate would be cut from 41.3p per kilowatt hour to 21p. This has caused alarm among the solar sector and sparked fears […]

Study shows solar PV adds value to home

A recent study in the USA has shown that solar PV panels increase the sale value of a home. Research suggests that homeowners who have installed solar panels on their home will recoup the cost of the investment upon the sale of their home.

Consent of a Lender for Solar PV Rent a Roof Schemes

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff scheme in April 2010 a number of installers have begun to offer free solar panels to home owners who cannot afford, or do not wish to pay for, solar panels. The companies install the panels in exchange for the home owner entering into a lease of the […]

Desertec Solar Energy Farm

It has long been known that the Sun provides the Earth with far more energy than mankind could ever need. The problem has always been how to harness it. This dilemma was partially solved a number of years ago with the invention of solar panels, collectors which are able to convert energy from the Sun’s […]

The use of Personal Solar Panels

Solar power is the cleanest, greenest and most abundant form of alternative available today. A solar panel does not need to be plugged into anything other than a battery and new generations of solar panels, also known as photovoltaic modules, are robust and sturdy.

Guide to Solar Photovoltaic and the Feed-In Tariff

With the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) in 2010 you can now get paid generously for generating your own electricity at home using solar photovoltaic (PV). Such a scheme has existed for many years in Germany and has been introduced in the UK to help our government achieve its legally binding target of 15% […]

Where Should I Position My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great way to generate free, carbon neutral electricity for your home and with the introduction of the feed in tariff, the possibility of the new “no risk” loans offered by the proposed Green Deal and rising energy prices, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

Do Solar Panels Affect Property Values?

Now that the feed in tariff is here and with fuel prices on a steady incline there is no doubt that solar panels are an excellent medium to long term investment if you intend staying in your home, but what if you move? Will your house be worth more or less? Will you recoup your […]

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