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The Reasons Why You Should be Investing in a Heat Pump

If you’re looking at installing a renewable energy source within your home, the chances are you’ve stumbled across heat pumps, but with everything else on offer out there, it often becomes quite confusing. We’ve digested all of the information about heat pumps for you and provided you with a full detailed guide below that will […]

Heat pumps – the ‘new’ technology you’ve been using for decades

Despite the current relatively low price of oil and gas, many people are looking at a more sustainable way to heat their homes because they are worried about climate change and realise that fuel prices will not stay low forever. Many will have now heard of an ‘air source heat pump’ and wondered whether this […]

Heat Pumps – Your Questions Answered

At present, heat pumps are one of the lesser known renewable energy sources so you will probably have a lot of questions if you’re looking into this as an option for your home. Predominantly used in Switzerland, Sweden and Austria, these are a green energy that have been introduced as part of the bid to […]

Heat Pump Market To See Annual 13.10% Growth

A report published by Transparency Market Research has stated that there will be an expected growth in the global heat pumps market which will see it worth around £90 billion by the year 2020. This forecast will mean a 13.10% compound annual growth rate over the next few years and has come about as consumers […]

A Guide to Ground Source Heat Pumps

It may not be one of the most talked about of energy sources, but a surprising amount of hospitals, schools and offices are looking into the ground for their heating energy sources. Ground source heat pumps can provide a great source of heat energy for larger buildings as well as your own home; and with […]

The Pros and Cons of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps have become more of an interest to homeowners now they are eligible for the domestic renewable heat incentive. Owners that choose this efficient alternative to heating their home can be paid for playing their part in the fight against global warming. Homes with decent insulation that choose to install heat pumps can reduce […]

Why Should I Choose an Air Source Heat Pump?

As an increasingly popular source of renewable energy, an Air Source Heat Pump could provide you with the solution you have been looking for. Reducing your carbon footprint and providing effective heating / cooling within your home, this type of energy is an affordable solution to your energy needs.

Would you like to be paid to discuss Heat Pumps

Do you either have or plan on having the following installed for the heating and or hot water supply of your home? Ground source heat pump Air source heat pump Air conditioner with heat pump Geothermal heat pump Our research project entails: We are looking for people to take part in a moderated discussion on […]

Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pumps have been around for over 50 years, and are quite common in some parts of the world such as the United States and Scandinavia. Most people don’t realise that they can be a viable option for residential properties however it should no surprise to see them becoming more and more common […]

Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) – the Basics

You may have heard about Heat Pumps as the up and coming form of renewable heating technology. In theory the systems should be able to provide the whole heating for a building at little or no cost to the owner, with the added bonus of not using fuels to create the heat energy. Does it […]

Grants and Funding Options for Commercial and Residential Geothermal Heat Pumps

All offices and homes need to have a heating and cooling system in place. Whether it is for a residential or a commercial setup, buying and installing heat pumps can be an expensive affair. The size of the system that is needed, the kind of technology it operates on as well as the complexity of […]

Considerations for choosing an ASHP

When most people consider replacing their oil or gas boiler with a heat pump, it is generally thought that the boiler can be removed and the heat pump installed in replacement. Following this, the oil tank can be removed and the system is good to go.

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