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10 Tips When Undertaking Wall Insulation

There has been a lot written about wall insulation and the virtues of having it fitted into your property. Wall insulation can undoubtedly save money when done correctly and it doesn’t take long to claw back the initial investment, particularly in the case of cavity wall insulation. However there are some issues that you should always be aware of before making any decision to get wall insulation fitted to the property. Anyone wishing to get insulation should always seek professional advice before installing.

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FIT Rate Cuts, Is Now Still a Good Time to Buy Solar PV

Following a review of the feed in tariff rates paid for electricity generated from small scale solar panel installations, the Government recently announced that from 12 December this year the feed in tariff rate would be cut from 41.3p per kilowatt hour to 21p. This has caused alarm among the solar sector and sparked fears of a collapse of this fledgling industry as people turn away from solar panels to look for a more profitable way to invest their money, but is it really all doom and gloom?

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Consumers living in fear of their energy bills

The gas and electricity companies have done it again. Increasing their prices just before winter when everyone’s consumption will be at its highest.

On average gas will be rising by 17.4 per cent whilst electricity will see a rise of 10.8 per cent. This has led to many too scared to turn their heating on during the colder months due to the fear of what their energy bill might be.

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Little Known Energy Saving Tips

Getting into an energy efficient routine is something we are all being encouraged to do, from turning off lights in rooms, to turning down the boiler thermostat by a degree or two. All of these are well known and can make a substantial impact upon the energy used in a building. Most of us are getting used to adapting our life styles and with utilities prices as they currently are we all have a reason to cut down our usage!

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Lighting the Way: Energy Efficient Lighting

Whether you are running a household or a business it can be surprising how much energy is taken up by the most mundane aspect, that of providing light in our properties. We use light-bulbs sometimes for hours a day and it can form up to 40% of the household utility bills. So it is in everyone’s interest to help to reduce the amount of energy used by the lighting in their properties.

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Commercial EPCs – What Are They?

At first glance a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate looks very similar to a domestic EPC, but underneath they are quite different creatures. Whereas the domestic EPC methodology (RDSAP) makes assumptions based on the Building Regulations deemed to have been applicable at the time of build, the commercial EPC methodology (SBEM) requires the commercial assessor to do a detailed analysis of the building ‘envelope’ – all its many walls, doors, windows, ceilings roofs, floors etc. as well as its heating, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVAC).

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Energy Efficiency to Increase Property Prices

Energy efficient homes are better. They are better for the environment, which is an increasingly important consideration for many people and they are better for the homeowners’ pockets which has always been an important consideration and always will be. So it stands to reason then that a highly efficient property, fitted with lots of energy saving or generating technology will fetch a better price than an old, inefficient property doesn’t it?

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Green Deal – Opportunities and challenges

When one looks into the future for energy assessors under the Green Deal, am not at all sure it’s looking good.One thing seems certain from the information coming out about the Green Deal – over the next 18 months everyone in the energy assessment industry is going to have to raise their game just to survive, let alone thrive.

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Multi-fuel Burning Stoves – A good option?

It may come as a bit of a surprise but these days burning wood or solid fuel is considered to be a very environmentally friendly way of supplementing the heating for a property. It wasn’t that long ago that this was frowned upon but now it is acceptable and even encouraged in some areas. In fact with recent amendments in the planning regulations you might not even have to seek planning permission to have these installed.

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Conveyancing and the Green Deal Scheme

The Energy Bill is currently passing through Parliament and is expected to receive Royal Assent later this year. Amongst other provisions, it sets out the legal framework for the Green Deal, the Government’s new flagship environmental policy under which it is hoped that up to 14 million home owners will be encouraged to install energy efficiency measures by the provision of low interest loans. Fourteen million homes represents more that half of the total homes in Britain therefore conveyancers will come across properties which have been improved under the Green Deal everyday. Despite this, the Green Deal has so far passed under the radar of most conveyancers.

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Keeping Gas and Electricity Payments in Check

With gas and electricity prices rising and set to continue rising for the foreseeable future and with the state of the economy and Government cutbacks squeezing everybody’s household budget it makes sense to look at our monthly gas and electricity payments to see if they can be reduced by a few pounds.

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What is Dual Fuel Energy Tariff?

What is dual fuel? Briefly put, it refers to a utility company that provides both electricity and gas for home heating, cooling, bathing and cooking. If you want to find the best dual fuel tariff then look for a company that provides smart meters with their service as these devices will allow you to monitor your energy usage online, half hourly for electricity and daily for gas.

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Massive expansion in Display Energy Certificates

We could soon see the next step in a process which could lead to a massive expansion in the use of Display Energy Certificates.

September should hopefully see the second reading of an amendment which could add a clause to the Energy Bill currently going through Parliament, requiring commercial premises to have Display Energy Certificates for the first time, and the legislation could take effect by 2013 or earlier.

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The Weirdest Eco Friendly Green Ideas

It started one day when I had a phone call from my wife. She was at a garden centre and enthusiastically told me that there was a water butt there, on sale, for £10. After a few minutes of discussion we decided to acquire this bastion of water storage.

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