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Energy Saving Made Easy

With all the information and advice it is easy to become overwhelmed with energy saving. From being told ‘turn those lights off!’ to being promised ‘this is the best energy saving product on the market’ it can feel like a bit of a minefield. There is no need to worry. Energy saving doesn’t have to be hard work, or time consuming. In fact, it is easy to energise you’re energy saving!

The first thing to remember when energy saving is why you’re doing it:

  1. You will save money and
  2. you’re helping preserve the environment for our future generations.

Motivation is important and even if you are energy saving more for one reason than the other it doesn’t matter. As long as you want to save energy that is half the battle.

The quickest way to save energy is through being conscientious. It is the small things that we see in the multitude of lists on tips how to save energy: Turning lights off, switching off appliances when not in use, only boiling the water you actually need, etc. Putting thought into cutting your usual energy usage will give instant results. Finding savings can even be fun! In a way these are easiest and hardest way to save energy. They are in easy in that they require no real effort or cost. However, what they do require is a change in attitude and habit.

Once you have mastered that (and don’t be too hard on yourself if you forget once in a while) not only will you have made a great savings but you ready to step up your energy saving to the next level.

This is where all that paraphernalia that you were bombarded with before will come in handy. Firstly, they will provide ways of saving energy that may not have occurred to you. Further to that they will provide information on more technical ways of saving money and energy. For example, getting the best deal from an energy supplier, using energy savings appliances in the home and if you’re looking to become a full time eco warrior ways to produce your own, free energy.

There is a wide array of energy saving products available on today’s market. Most of these products are a great way to keep costs down but be warned that this is not always the case. Some products do claim to be green purely as a marketing tool. Particularly if you are looking into making a large investment in something like solar panels beware of deals that appear too good to be true. They often are. So do your research. Good advice is readily available from reputable companies and websites.

Don’t be put off. There are some fantastic schemes and products out there to help enabling you to make an even bigger savings – without spending too much time or money on them!

For some readers energy saving may be a part of your job or business. Your attempts at energy saving will be on a bigger scale but should not require more effort. In many cases an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) will be a mandatory requirement. An EPC rates how efficient your property is and gives you ways to improve that rating. Getting the professionals in to create an EPC for your domestic property (for example if you are a landlord) or your business is the best way to not fall foul of Government legislation and to handle your task of energy saving. The process saves you the time of plotting your energy efficiency, details exactly your energy efficiency level and helps find ways of saving energy. Leaving you to manage the task of implementing new methods of going green and counting the savings!

Whether you are a homeowner or running a business with a bigger electricity bill than the Blackpool illuminations, saving energy does not have to be overwhelming. There is plenty of help available. With motivation and the help of energy saving products and services saving the planet can be the easiest thing in the world. Not only will you help the environment you can also make huge personal savings. When it comes to thinking about saving energy – it is the only time we’re encouraged to leave the light on.

Written by Michael Hallam

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  1. August 31, 2012 at 11:57 am | Permalink

    The importance of having good insulation installed throughout your home should never be overlooked! While it doesn’t generate clean energy, the amount of heat energy that is preserved in the house results in less energy needed to heat a home and more money saved on bills. For me, it should be the first step for anybody if they don’t already have it installed.

    Get the loft and walls done, then ensure all piping is correctly insulated and seal cracks in windows and doors that heat could escape from.

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