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How to encourage your tenants to be energy efficient

Being a landlord, it can be very frustrating to see your tenants acting irresponsibly towards the environment, especially in your property. They can leave lights on all day, wash their pots with running hot water from the tap and put half loads in the washing machine. As much as it isn’t your responsibility how other people behave, there are definitely steps you can take as a landlord to encourage your tenants to be environmentally friendly. Take a look at the ideas below to help you get started on promoting energy saving in all your homes.

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Energy Efficient Interior Design

Having an energy efficient home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and taste. These days, advanced homes, in terms of energy efficient technology, can be attractive and innovative design projects.

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A Guide to Recycling Food Waste

There’s something extremely frustrating about throwing away food, simply because it’s past its use-by date. Food wastage is a major issue in developed countries, although there are a number of solutions to this growing issue.

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40% don’t understand energy efficiency measures

Research released today has highlighted the extent of British consumers’ woes, with 90% admitting that they are concerned about increasing energy prices this winter.

  • 90% of Brits concerned about increasing energy prices
  • Two thirds admit they will struggle to pay bills this winter

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National Grid Affordable Warmth Solutions and CFCL form partnership to help reduce fuel poverty in the UK

A partnership has been formed between National Grid Affordable Warmth Solutions (National Grid AWS) and CFCL for the delivery of ten BlueGEN m-CHP systems for installation at social housing partners in the UK. Under the agreement, National Grid AWS will gift BlueGEN units to Social Housing Provider partners on the basis of receiving feed in tariff payments, which will fund future projects aimed at reducing fuel costs for social housing tenants. In return the Housing Providers and their residents will benefit from the low cost electricity generated by the BlueGENs.

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CFCL supplies 45 BlueGEN fuel cell micro-CHP appliances to Europe’s biggest Virtual Power Plant

Fuel cell manufacturer Ceramic Fuel Cells Ltd (CFCL) announced today that the installation of 45 BlueGEN fuel cell micro-CHP appliances will start on the Dutch island of Ameland in November 2013. It will be the largest project in Europe in terms of fuel cell units connected within a Virtual Power Plant (VPP). The BlueGEN VPP offers a at least twice the efficiency and saves around 175 tons of CO2 emissions each year compared to conventional power production in the Netherlands.

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A guide to energy efficient boilers

Scottish Power are the latest of the big energy companies to announce a hike in costs, with the BBC reporting that the supplier will be increasing its prices by 8.6% as of December 2013.

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Should I choose an Independent Assessment or Green Deal?

Have you reached that point where you want to make your home more energy efficient and you have followed all the necessary steps to try an achieve this via double glazing and better loft insulation but feel like you could do more? Are you unsure of what steps to make next and which step is right?

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Choosing Internal Wall Insulation for your home

Just less than half of the properties in the UK have solid walls which means that nearly 50% of homes are losing a significant amount of heat and energy through the walls alone. One third to be precise. With the cost of energy rising all the time and increased awareness of environmental issues associated with running a home, it is only natural to want seek out ways to prevent energy loss especially with something as simple as the walls of your home. In this blog you will find concise advice about choosing appropriate solid walled wall insulation for your home, and serious issues to avoid problems in the future.

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It is Energy Saving Week – do your part!

This week is Energy Saving Week from October 21 to 25 and this is your opportunity to really look at the way you are using energy in your home. The Energy Saving Trust has many different tips for your home to help you save energy and they even go room by room for your convenience. This blog aims to highlight some of the best tips given by the Energy Saving Trust to get you on your way to having a more energy efficient home. It is your time to do your part.

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Top 8 things to know when purchasing low energy light bulbs

When you look at the statistics for how much power is consumed by lighting in the world you will understand why it is important to start making moves now to choose more efficient light technology in your home. Approximately 19 per cent of the power used on a global scale goes to lighting. Imagine what could happen if everyone chose more efficient options? This blog aims to help you choose the best low energy light bulbs for your home as well as educate you on the different types of light alternatives available.

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Is the Green Deal scheme a sham?

he Green Deal, a government scheme designed to help homeowners pay for energy efficient improvements in their homes, hasn’t had the sign up numbers expected since its launch at the beginning of 2013. With only 12 homeowners actually making repayments through the finance package on offer from the government and their respective partner companies, is there a future in the life of this energy saving programme?

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What is The Green Deal plan; is it right for me & my home?

At the start of 2013 the government’s long awaited energy saving scheme, The Green Deal, finally launched into action. The scheme aims to make energy cheaper and homes warmer with no huge upfront charges for families unable to pay.

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Is a wind turbine right for my home?

This blog explores the options available to homes considering installing a wind turbine to generate energy. It looks into the function of turbines and offers advice on the compatibility of wind power for your home.

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