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Heating And Cooling Consume Almost Half Of All Energy Used In The Home

Your cooling and heating equipment accounts for almost half of your household energy expenses throughout the year. At the same time, the heavy activity of your heating and cooling system leads to plenty of wear and tear. This is why it is important to have HVAC performance evaluations and regular equipment inspection to fine tune your system.

HVAV maintenance plans make it easy for you to address any arising issues through prescheduled service. If you are in Southern California, Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning can perform HVAC performance evaluations in Agoura.

What is a maintenance plan?

It is easy to forget about annual servicing of your HVAC equipment. Most people dismiss the need for system services as seasonal heating or cooling activity can creep up unexpectedly. However, it is important to consider the fact that missing your pre-season tuning can rob you of important benefits such as improved energy efficiency levels, better home comfort, lower utility costs, improving energy efficiency in your home, stronger air circulation, reduced environmental impact, saving on repairs, equipment and additional services, extension of system life and early identification or broken or worn out parts among other others.

AC and heat pump maintenance

You should handle the servicing of your equipment in spring to prepare for the hot, humid summer months. By so doing, your AC or heat pump will be better able to cool your indoor environment and improve the energy performance of your home in addition to managing your home’s humidity levels. Programmed HVAC maintenance plans ensure you will be contacted so that you don’t forget the need to service your system. Failure to do so can leave you dealing with sweltering conditions.

Recharging your refrigerant and cleaning coils are two of the most important steps in fine tuning your cooling equipment. Each of the tasks can provide potential energy savings of up to 20 percent on cooling costs. Low refrigerant levels can stress your compressor and shorten the life of your system. On the other hand, dirty coils inhibit heat transfer between your refrigerant supply and your indoor air supply. This makes it rather difficult to achieve comfortable conditions in your home. Cleaning your coils results in a cold air stream flowing at excellent strength through your ducts. By planning maintenance, you can save yourself huge expenses and headaches, your heating equipment should be re-checked before the winter so that any underlying problems can be dealt with.

Furnace maintenance plans

The second greatest cause of house fires is home heating. Compromising on your equipment can place you family at huge risk. Have your furnace tuned up before it is placed in operation as a form of investment in your family’s safety. Moreover, inspecting and cleaning your equipment gives your technician the opportunity to pinpoint problems that may lead to excess carbon monoxide in your home.

Choosing the right contractor

Home air conditioning has evolved over the years and ventilation has become a technology of its own. Heating and cooling systems have become quite complex and its essential that your HVAC contractor is competent and well trained to offer the best services.


The service provider’s experience is an essential element to consider. You want to hire a contractor with an in-depth understanding of how things like airflow, refrigerant and combustion systems as well as electrical wiring through heating ducts work together to add cooling or heating comfort to your premises. In addition to comfort, safety is also critical. Look for a professional who is adept on safety issues and knows how to properly operate home exhaust and ventilation systems when working with a furnace.

Check licenses

Spare some time to confirm whether the contractor you plan to hire is licensed to offer HVAC repair services. There are also different kinds of licenses. When asking for an estimate, be sure to not only inquire if the company is licensed, but also the type of license it holds. Many state governments provide resources to get such details so it is important to look up relevant websites and check the status of the contractor’s license.

Ask for references

A professional HVAC contractor should have a list of previous clients that you can refer to in order to get feedback on the work done by the contractor. Ask whether the work was carried out to the customer’s satisfaction and in a timely manner. Call the references and find out how their projects fared.


Due to the high repair costs and replacing or installing HVAC equipment, you want to make some comparisons before making the final choice. Get at least three estimates from different companies and choose the most suitable option.

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