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A Guide to Harvesting Rainwater

Water feels like a luxury we take for granted. It comes through our taps and we don’t really have to understand where it comes from and how it gets to us. We just get to use it whenever we choose and pay for it when the bill comes through. The fact of the matter is, […]

A Guide to Recycling Food Waste

There’s something extremely frustrating about throwing away food, simply because it’s past its use-by date. Food wastage is a major issue in developed countries, although there are a number of solutions to this growing issue.

Beat the Recession – Grow Your Own Fruit & Veg

In a recession there is no end to the ways people will find to save money. One of the most popular in recent times is one of the oldest – growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Cost Effective Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient Before Selling

More and more people are starting to choose energy efficient homes when they search for a new property. If you are selling your home, and you want to make your home more energy efficient, without breaking the bank, the following tips might prove to be helpful.

Top Tips for Having a Water Butt

It’s strange isn’t it? Every year feels colder and wetter, we have storms and torrential rain, yet come summer we’re always told that we are on the cusp of a hose pipe ban! More and more of us are spending more time in the garden and being encouraged to grow our own vegetables. So how […]

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