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Using Tech Products For Home Energy Efficiency

Efforts to keep our world clear and sustainable are moving more and more into our homes, as more individuals and companies alike become concerned with the global endeavor. What this means is that rather than waiting around for solar panels to become more mainstream, or debating for years on end whether or not to purchase a hybrid vehicle, we can now affect positive change in the environment (and keep our bills a bit lower!) by implementing a few simple changes at home. Here are a few words on 4 popular products in 2013, and how they can help you to conserve energy in your home.

The Nest Thermostat

Inarguably the hottest topic in environmentally beneficial gadgetry, the Nest Learning Thermostat is being marketed as the world’s “first smart thermostat.” This is a lofty and dramatic claim, but nonetheless, the Nest does come with significant benefits for energy efficiency. Essentially, the thermostat “learns” your preferences, and then optimizes its energy use to heat and cool the house as you like it, only when necessary. This means no wasted energy when you’re out of the house. And, with the Nest website claiming that thermostats account for more than half of a home’s energy use, there’s a clear practical benefit. The Nest also includes additional functions and benefits, such as alerting you when it’s time to change heating and air related filters throughout your home.

Energy-Efficient Lightbulbs

These have been around for some time now, but seem only now to be making mainstream waves. What these lights do is essentially give off the same brightness as ordinary lightbulbs by using only a fraction of the energy. It’s an effortless way to conserve energy at home. And while these bulbs will often cost a fraction more than what you’re used to, they will often last longer, which in turn should lower your cost for lighting in the long run.


Many don’t think of dehumidifiers as having anything to do with energy efficiency. Their primary function, after all, is simply to remove moisture from the air in your home, which essentially gives you purer and healthier air to breathe, and keeps the home environment generally more pleasant. However, depending on your setting and weather situation, a strong dehumidifier can also decrease your need to use power heating and cooling. Basically, decreasing humidity in your home can help to regulate your temperature in a more energy-efficient manner than using AC or heating. Check out a few convenient brands from Neostar listed at MySmartBuy, as there are a number of cost-effective options that can make a huge difference in your home air quality and comfort.

Advanced Washing Machines

Specifically, the Samsung WF457 Front-Loading Washer generated a bit of buzz at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show back in January. The machine is a pioneer in that it uses colder water and an energy efficient design to wash large loads of clothing with 70% less water than the average top-loading machine. Water conservation is of vital importance, and saving it in your washing machine – where you won’t even miss what you don’t use – is certainly a valuable concept.

In fact, this is an easier location in which to save water than many alternatives that energy-conscious people tend to focus on. For example, showering for shorter periods of time directly changes your experience, whereas using a new washer has no noticeable effect.

These are just a few specific examples of the types of gadgets and technologies that are now readily available for home use. Implementing these products and others similar to them is a cost-efficient way to upgrade your home to the modern era of energy efficiency and consciousness toward the environment.

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