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Prepare Your Food to Cook Efficiently

Energy Saving Tip 1 – When preparing your food whether this be meat or vegetables consider the size of the pieces you will chop them into and the effect this will have on cooking time.

Larger pieces of food require more time to cook whichever cooking method you use.Prepared food for ratatouille

Chopping your meat or vegetables into smaller pieces will take less time and therefore less energy. This will help reduce your energy bills, if your cooking on gas, microwaving or steaming.

With the summer barbeque season upon us; keeping the individual size of food pieces small will ensure both the food is cooked well and thoroughly but you will also use less charcol.

Smaller pieces of food cook quicker, but did you know the other advantage is they will also have a bigger surface area ! This means more surfaces for that tasty marinade to coat your lovely meat or veg with.

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    I have to admit that I had no idea what ratatouille was until the Pixar movie came out, but once I tried it it was an instant favorite.

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