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Bookmark us – dont waste energy searching

So in the first of our top tips to save energy; use bookmarks whilst surfing the web. What a waste of time effort and it can be looking and hunting for that great website you found. Now you need it, you can’t find it, how annoying is it?

Simple solution – Bookmark it.

Our energy saving top tips will include quite diverse tips and often not as obvious as one would imagine. We will try provide to you both practical and innovative tips and something a little away from the ‘norm’.

How to bookmark us

Here a few ways so you dont lose us or other favourite sites you like.

Add us to your web browser favourites or bookmarks menu bar

Firefox & Internet Explorer

  • Right click and when the grey box appears, select bookmark this page or add to favourites.

Submit us to Social Bookmark sites

Alternatively look below where it reads share & enjoy, you will see icons of the most popular ways of sharing and bookmarking your favourite site.  Social bookmarking sites also allow you to share your bookmarks with friends and see what others and finding interesting.

Also, you can make sure you don’t lose us by subscribing to our newsletter in the box on the right or add us to your favourite RSS readers.

By using the bookmarking option you will be able to find us straight away saving you both time and effort, which you can put to much better use.

“What are you waiting for bookmark us now !”

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