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Tis the Season to Save Energy

It’s Christmas Time…..and there’s no need to waste energy. That’s right, in the middle of the Christmas period with all the stress and joys of food, shopping, festive fun and family; it is easy to forget about trying to save energy over the period.

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Do Solar Panels Affect Property Values?

Now that the feed in tariff is here and with fuel prices on a steady incline there is no doubt that solar panels are an excellent medium to long term investment if you intend staying in your home, but what if you move? Will your house be worth more or less? Will you recoup your initial investment?

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5 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas For Under £20

Is your other half always moaning about how much electricity you use? Are you keen to teach your children about energy conservation? Christmas is just around the corner so why not treat your loved ones, or even just a friend, to an eco-friendly gift?

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Solar Powered Toys – Transforming Robot & 6 in 1 Educational Toy

Why didn’t they have toys like this when I was kid?!

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Energy Monitors – Will I Save Money?

Wouldn’t it be interesting to monitor how much electricity you are using through the day and at specific times? How much electricity does that 5 minute power shower use? How much power does that old freezer in the shed draw? How much are you spending every time you use the kettle? How do you keep an eye on your electricity consumption without sitting glued in front of the actual electricity meter, if you can even make sense of the reading anyway.

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Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets and Gifts

I don’t know about you, but when I think of solar panels I normally think of the large solar panels that are mounted on buildings to provide electrical supply and hot water. If you think of gadgets you probably think of the good old fashioned solar powered pocket calculator that has been around for decades.

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How to Enjoy a Green Christmas

It’s a relatively little known fact that Santa Claus was traditionally depicted as wearing green, and still is in many parts of the world. In fact the red and white suit we see today appeared in the very early part of the 20th century and was cemented in people’s imaginations by a Coca Cola advertising campaign.

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An introduction to Thermal Imaging

As energy assessors we work with our clients who range from Architects to private home owners to providing building compliance checks to ensure new buildings meets the current building regulations. As well as providing energy saving advice for older properties. With the commercial climate as it is at the moment many owners of commercial properties are saying we need to make this building more energy efficient to hopefully make it stand out better than the competition and hopefully attract a new tenant.

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What is the Green Deal Scheme?

The Green Deal is the coalition Government’s flagship carbon emissions reduction project. It is a Conservative idea but has the full backing of the Liberal Democrats. The purpose of the Green Deal is to encourage as many people as possible to take measures to make their homes more energy efficient and it will achieve this by providing all of the upfront finance for such measures by way of a loan.

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Installing a Biomass Boiler at Your Home

Biomass boilers are simply boilers that, instead of burning oil or gas, burn wood in the form of logs, wood chips or pellets. They are much better for the environment because the only CO2 they produce is what the wood has collected from the atmosphere when growing. If a tree were left to die naturally and rot, this CO2 would be released back into the atmosphere at that stage. If it were never grown, then obviously it would never absorb any CO2 in the first place.

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Simple Insulation – Top Tips

We are encouraged to make the most of having insulation and draught proofing in our properties. By helping to maintain heat within the property and therefore cut the amount of fuel that we use to keep our properties heated. We have all heard of the main areas, like loft insulation and wall insulation, that can really make a large difference to cutting heating bills in a property, save heat and also help you be that much greener.
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How to Claim the Feed In Tariff

The feed in tariff scheme has been up and running since April 2010. Anyone installing solar panels, wind turbines or other renewable electricity producing equipment may be entitled to claim the tariff payments but what’s the application process?

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What Effect Will The Weather Have On Solar Panels?

We all know that it the UK our weather is very unpredictable. We get the full range from blisteringly hot sun (albeit not as often as we’d like!) to heavy snowfall, and most things in between. You might wonder therefore, what effect would this have on the operation of a solar panel? What are the optimum conditions?

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How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Renewable Energy Installers

The renewable energy (or micro generation) industry is seen as a very ethical and honourable one, after all these people are helping to save the planet aren’t they? Whilst this may be true, the unfortunate fact is that where there is money to be made, there will be someone out there willing to take advantage of vulnerable consumers.

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