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Getting a Smart Meter in Your Home

Smart meters have been introduced to replace the standard gas and electricity meters installed in your home, with plans for every home in the UK to have one by the year 2019. There will be no need for meter readings once these are installed and they will also allow you to monitor how much energy […]

Why Have Energy Saving Light Bulbs Taken Over?

In most shops now you will find that energy efficient light bulbs dominate the shelves, and over the next couple of years inefficient light bulbs will have been completely phased out. But just how much energy will they save and who has implemented these changes?

Energy Saving Made Easy

With all the information and advice it is easy to become overwhelmed with energy saving. From being told ‘turn those lights off!’ to being promised ‘this is the best energy saving product on the market’ it can feel like a bit of a minefield. There is no need to worry. Energy saving doesn’t have to […]

The Top Ten Gadgets to Help You Save Energy

Sometimes it may seem like energy saving can take a lot of effort. The rewards are more than worth it but sometimes we need more. We need help. We need it to be fun!

Which Household Items Use the Most Electricity?

It’s not until you start going round your home turning off lights, turning things off standby and reducing the heat on the thermostat that you realise at just how many points you are using energy. Everything, from charging your little electric toothbrush to cooking the family dinner at night is consuming energy and contributing to […]

Simple Tips for Saving Energy in the Home

With the rising energy prices, the increasing pinch we feel in our wallets and the warnings of major climate changes due to the emissions of carbon dioxide, it is vital that we are as efficient as possible with our energy usage.

Considerations When Switching Energy Providers

As we all know, over the past few years energy prices have been soaring and despite some recent small cuts to the standard tariffs, this trend looks set to continue. As prices rise faster than inflation, the percentage of net income which is taken up by fuel bills grows and we can no longer afford […]

Easy tips to reduce your power bills

One of the most common misconceptions about reducing your power bill or being a friend of the environment is that you’ll have to suffer through cold showers and live by candlelight. The truth is that it doesn’t require significant lifestyle changes to cut your energy consumption and save money on your power bill. Rising energy […]

Are Energy Efficient Home Improvements a Waste of Time?

In the modern world, especially in a time of economic hardship, we are all suffering. Money is tight and getting even tighter as bills rise, so why should we be bothered with pointless measures for energy efficiency. Why should we waste our hard earned cash on measures that don’t bring any direct return? This article […]

British Gas gets smart with Smart Meters?

In these current times of austerity, every one of us is keeping an eagle eye on the money we spend and finding ways to cut costs and reduce outgoings. One of our biggest household expenses is gas and electricity with the cost of running the average household in Britain standing at approximately £1335 – Dual […]

Energy Efficiency Ratings and Logos

There are quite a few Energy Efficient Accreditation Schemes that lend their logos or ratings graphs to products that help to improve the Energy Efficiency of the home. This article covers the five most common logos and rating graphs that you might come across.

Consumers living in fear of their energy bills

The gas and electricity companies have done it again. Increasing their prices just before winter when everyone’s consumption will be at its highest. On average gas will be rising by 17.4 per cent whilst electricity will see a rise of 10.8 per cent. This has led to many too scared to turn their heating on […]

Little Known Energy Saving Tips

Getting into an energy efficient routine is something we are all being encouraged to do, from turning off lights in rooms, to turning down the boiler thermostat by a degree or two. All of these are well known and can make a substantial impact upon the energy used in a building. Most of us are […]

Keeping Gas and Electricity Payments in Check

With gas and electricity prices rising and set to continue rising for the foreseeable future and with the state of the economy and Government cutbacks squeezing everybody’s household budget it makes sense to look at our monthly gas and electricity payments to see if they can be reduced by a few pounds.

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