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Clever Heating Controls – best on the market?

When it comes to controlling the heat settings in your home, it usually just entails setting the timer to turn the heat on in the morning and then again in the evening for a couple of hours. Maybe you also set the thermostat? Fiddle with a few radiator temperature settings? But beyond these relatively simple […]

Supermarkets take on the energy saving challenge

Supermarkets are perfect for testing energy efficiency. If you consider the amount of nationwide stores with multiple distribution centres and so on, there is plenty of room to save money and reduce the carbon footprint. If this giant industry could become sustainable not only would it be a huge achievement for the UK but also […]

6 Tips for choosing insulation for your home

Choosing insulation material for your home can be a difficult task. There are so many options and it can be difficult to select the right thing for you. You need insulation otherwise you will lose a quarter of your heat through your roof. Also, if you choose the correct insulation, it can be effective for […]

10 cheap ways to warm up your home this winter

We are deep into another brisk winter and back to that familiar ‘brace’ feeling when the energy bills arrive at the end of every month. Many solutions to hefty bills and bad insulation cost a lot of money and can deter families from taking action to try and warm up their homes. There are some […]

Top 10 cities leading in urban sustainability

10 cities around the world are leading in change to help climate change and this article looks at each city and the schemes they are running towards urban sustainability. What would your dream city look like? Maybe this blog will give you some ideas.

Top 7 Energy Saving Apps for your Phone

Nowadays it seems we turn to our phones for pretty much everything. We socialise, we read the news, we play games, we take pictures and now we can begin to educate ourselves further about energy saving. Below we have highlighted the top 7 energy saving apps that you can download to help you monitor your […]

How to save energy at Christmas

Christmas is around the corner and along with the price of all your lovely gifts comes the price of heating your home through the winter months. This year Brits are expected to spend a whopping £13 billion on presents at an average of £28 per gift so the last thing you need is a huge […]

How to Become a Paperless Household

There are several movements and initiatives for workplaces to be paperless. The idea is that it is a step above recycling paper, as you don’t even consume any paper to begin with. This idea transfers naturally to home life, and many households keen to do their part for the planet are going the extra mile […]

How to encourage your tenants to be energy efficient

Being a landlord, it can be very frustrating to see your tenants acting irresponsibly towards the environment, especially in your property. They can leave lights on all day, wash their pots with running hot water from the tap and put half loads in the washing machine. As much as it isn’t your responsibility how other […]

Energy Efficient Interior Design

Having an energy efficient home doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style and taste. These days, advanced homes, in terms of energy efficient technology, can be attractive and innovative design projects.

40% don’t understand energy efficiency measures

Research released today has highlighted the extent of British consumers’ woes, with 90% admitting that they are concerned about increasing energy prices this winter. 90% of Brits concerned about increasing energy prices Two thirds admit they will struggle to pay bills this winter

It is Energy Saving Week – do your part!

This week is Energy Saving Week from October 21 to 25 and this is your opportunity to really look at the way you are using energy in your home. The Energy Saving Trust has many different tips for your home to help you save energy and they even go room by room for your convenience. […]

What free energy saving home improvements are you eligible for?

Winter is creeping up fast and soon the heating will be cranked up and your bills will crank up with it. You may be unaware of the free energy-saving home improvements available to certain homes throughout the UK. The government has put into place new initiatives to ensure that everyone can heat their home during […]

Top Tips for Greener Living

News of green energy and information about how to become more environmentally friendly is constantly whirring around cyberspace and it’s understandable to wonder, ‘maybe I can be green too?’ but knowing where to start would be a massive help. It’s all well and good to think going green is the way forward but in order […]

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