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Top Tips for Greener Living

News of green energy and information about how to become more environmentally friendly is constantly whirring around cyberspace and it’s understandable to wonder, ‘maybe I can be green too?’ but knowing where to start would be a massive help. It’s all well and good to think going green is the way forward but in order for you to maintain this more new way of life, some advice may be in order.

Change to a more Sustainable Energy Tariff

Going the whole hog and investing in renewable energy resources such as solar power may sound like the right way to go, but unless you have the funding behind you, such ventures can be more of a pipedream than anything else. For eg. if with BG consider this to be a long term goal and in the meantime, re-evaluate your British Gas electricity and opt for a British Gas sustainable energy alternative.

This new tariff matches each unit of electricity you buy with a unit of 100% British renewable energy, meaning that they will give back to the environment by putting energy into the grid that has been obtained from renewable sources such as wind farms. Plus, you will be able to choose an energy saving gadget as part of the switchover, such as an electricity monitor, water widget or eco kettle.

Reduce your Energy Consumption

This will require a little hard work on your part and a lot of compromise if you’re used to consuming energy in your home without a second thought. It’s easy to forget the impact that energy like gas and electricity has on the environment so you’d be forgiven in not thinking about the consequences. It’s never too late to change your habits though and even the simplest of things can massively help in your quest towards being green while also saving you money on your energy usage.

Turn lights off when not in use, switch electrical equipment off at the mains and reduce your thermostat by 1 degree – they sound simple, don’t they? It’s amazing the positive effect changes like these can have, though.

There are plenty more ways in which you can be green too – walking instead of automatically jumping in the car and car pooling on journeys to your office can massively improve your carbon footprint, too. Give your consumption some thought and think about how you can contribute to greener living.

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