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2014 kicks off with record-breaking quarter for the UK solar PV Industry

The UK solar PV (photovoltaic) industry installed 1085MW during the first three-month period from January to March 2014, making it a record first quarter. The department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has also issued the long-awaited Solar Strategy, the first dedicated solar strategy released by any European government. This signals the incredible growth of the UK PV solar sector in the last few years.

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Renewable Heat Incentive RHI to launch before Easter

The world’s first long-term financial support programme for renewable heat, the Renewable Heat Incentive, is set to launch before Easter according to the Energy Minister Greg Barker MP. There are also rumours that it may be unveiled earlier, even as early as Wednesday April 9 when Greg Barker delivers a keynote address at an Energy Summit in the US. This blog looks at the build up to the announcement and the final details of the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Things to Know Before Getting Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity Wall insulation is a well known and well marketed energy efficiency measure. There are ongoing grants and schemes to help with the costs of Cavity Wall insulation and it definitely has an effect on helping to retain heat and therefore reduce heating costs of a property. However, there are always things you should check first before taking on the service.

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Is it time to get a wood-burning stove?

With the price of fuel going up and up and looming winter bills, it is no surprise that families are looking to alternative ways to heat their homes. The idea of a wood-burning stove conjures up magical ideas of cosy, warm cottages, yet now many homes are turning to this alternative solution. Is a wood burning stove right for your home? What are the pros and cons of having this burning furnace in your kitchen or lounge area? Let’s investigate:

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Do I need to have metering for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

When you apply for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive there are many factors that come in to play that may affect your application. There may be requirements that you need to meet to qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive such as metering. Not everyone who applies to the scheme needs metering but there are some situations that do apply. This blog will help you to understand if you need metering.

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Am I a Legacy Applicant for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive or not?

If you have seen all the news about the new Renewable Heat Incentive you may be wondering if your already installed renewable heat appliance is eligible. The good news is, you may be eligible to apply for the scheme and you may be able to claim money back on your investment. This blog outlines the difference that may apply to you when you apply for the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Should I apply for the Domestic or Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme?

When you begin to apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive you are given two options: Domestic or non-domestic. For many applicants this will be an obvious decision but for others there may be a blurred line. In this blog we aim to explain exactly which scheme you need to apply for and to answer any additional questions you may have about the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Annual Home Energy Bills to Soar Over Next Six Years

Home energy customers have been dealt a blow, as it has been revealed that suppliers will be ensuring that they foot the bill for news infrastructure needed in the industry. Despite huge price spikes already taking place in 2013, this trend is set to continue according to consumer groups.

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Green Gas Certification Scheme; will it affect the future

You have to give associations in the UK a break when it comes to trying to create schemes to help with energy efficiency and renewable energy. There are many different schemes available to homeowners and now the UK’s Renewable Energy Association has established the Green Gas Certification Scheme, launched at the beginning of the year. This blog looks into the scheme, what it is, the advantages and how it will impact the future.

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Were you made homeless due to flooding? options…

The UK has experienced some unbelievable weather recently and floods have ruined 6,000 homes this winter alone. It is a scary time for homeowners and even scarier for those living as a tenant in a home at risk of floods. What happens to tenants living in a home that floods? What rights do they have and what should the landlord do to help and protect every one connected to the property?

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Supermarkets take on the energy saving challenge

Supermarkets are perfect for testing energy efficiency. If you consider the amount of nationwide stores with multiple distribution centres and so on, there is plenty of room to save money and reduce the carbon footprint. If this giant industry could become sustainable not only would it be a huge achievement for the UK but also it would be an amazing example to other businesses. Hopefully everyone will jump on the bandwagon.

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‘Help to Buy’ hopefuls advised to check their credit report

Are you one of the 40 per cent of would-be homeowners under 40 who plan on applying for the government’s controversial Help to Buy scheme in 2014? If so, you may need to check your credit report.

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Switching energy providers is easier now? .. not for me to Co-operative Energy

I am not shy about switching energy providers when I feel I am not getting a good deal so recently started the switch from Scottish power to Co-operative energy. When I say recently signed up to co-operative energy in mid December 13. Read on if you like to read about people wasting their time and pulling their hair out in utter desperation.

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How to write a brief for a renewable heat system

When you make the decision to install a renewable heating source in your home it is a good idea to write a brief for your project. In this brief you can set out your expectations and use it later as a means to measure the success of the project. This task may seem daunting and you may not know where to start. This blog gives you a guide to writing and structuring the report. This document will be very valuable throughout the course of your project and will ensure you stay on track.

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