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Are Solar Panels Right For You?

With solar panels popping up on rooftops everywhere it is no surprise that solar power is one of the most popular forms of renewable energy. Particularly, the Feed In Tariffs (FIT) has made solar panels more viable either through owning your own panels or through ‘rent your roof’ schemes.

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Which Household Items Use the Most Electricity?

It’s not until you start going round your home turning off lights, turning things off standby and reducing the heat on the thermostat that you realise at just how many points you are using energy. Everything, from charging your little electric toothbrush to cooking the family dinner at night is consuming energy and contributing to your household bills. But to really understand just which appliances are using the most energy in your home, it is important you understand just how energy works.

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Simple Tips for Saving Energy in the Home

With the rising energy prices, the increasing pinch we feel in our wallets and the warnings of major climate changes due to the emissions of carbon dioxide, it is vital that we are as efficient as possible with our energy usage.

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Green Deal ‘will start slow and need a lot of work’

That’s NOT official, but it seems to be pretty unanimous

Assessors should expect a very slow start to Green Deal, and newly-qualified GDAs will have to work very hard to make any headway, given the likelihood of considerable public ignorance, suspicion and apathy.

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What to expect of the Green Deal Provider

Under the Green Deal scheme due to commence in October this year, utility bill payers will have the opportunity to have energy saving measures installed at their property with no upfront costs, via a Green Deal finance package. In every arrangement there are three key players, the green deal advisor, the green deal provider and the green deal installer.

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Green Deal Training Bonanza to Start

Accreditation bodies are gearing up for a training bonanza as the first candidates for Green Deal Advisor status prepare to begin training courses within days.

The first cohort of candidates will start training as ‘go early’ Green Deal Advisors in July, in readiness for the introduction of the Green Deal within a few months.

The government has begun putting in place the final elements of Green Deal, and is still looking at 1 October as the launch date, though the Department of Energy and Climate Change is now openly talking about a ‘soft launch’, and the actual launch seems unlikely to take place until the new year.

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Considering a Zero Carbon Home

Carbon zero homes are part of the Government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions from residential properties, which make up 30% of all the CO2 the UK produces. It is hoped that all new homes built from 2016 will be carbon neutral, but there are many developers who are already blazing a trail.

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Changes to Feed in Tariff Rates for Solar Panels

The feed in tariff (FIT) was introduced on 1s April 2010 by the Labour Government to encourage us to install equipment in our homes and businesses which generates electricity using low or zero carbon producing “fuels” such as wind, sun or water. People who install energy generating equipment such as solar panels or wind turbines and register for the feed in tariff can receive a payment for each kilowatt hour of electricity they generate. They can then either use the electricity themselves (so saving on electricity bills) or sell it back to the National Grid in return for a slightly higher payment per kilowatt hour.

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Are Incentives Vital For Green Deal Success?

Most people are sheep. And sheep, it seems, are suckers for getting something for nothing. These are two facts that should be at the forefront of the thinking of anyone looking to sell anything new to the public. Businesses do it all the time of course, with BOGOF deals in supermarkets and banks offering high interest rates to suck in new savers. The hard part is getting the first few customers through the door and making sure they go away happy. If they do they’ll tell their friends or better still internet forums and hey presto, you have a successful launch.

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The Fuel Poverty Epidemic, What Now ?

There is a new epidemic which is spreading through Britain. At first it affected only the very poor and vulnerable members of society but its grip is expanding. It is not contagious and cannot be treated by doctors or with medicines. It is not a physical or mental illness, but it can and does cause misery and even death. Its name is Fuel Poverty.

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Electric Cars – the Quiet Revolution

The electric car, or EV (Electric Vehicle) to give it its modern name has been around for decades, but it’s come a long way since the much maligned Sinclair C5. These days many EVs look and drive as good as if not better than their petrol engine equivalents. Advances in battery technology and the introduction of public charging points mean they can be used for longer and longer journeys with less risk of running out of power.

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Panic at the Pumps – Watershed for Britain’s Energy Policy

For me, the overall reaction over to the threat of petrol and diesel shortages, from the cynicism of the Government in seizing the opportunity to create a crisis to deflect attention from the “cash for access” scandal, to the sensationalism of the press to the selfish instincts of the public, making sure they bought they needed and never mind anyone else, fighting in forecourts and even putting lives at risk, the “Blitz mentality” on which we pride ourselves was nowhere to be seen.

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Solar Rent a Roof Scheme May Trap Thousands in Expensive Mortgages

These days it’s normal to remortgage every two or three years. You take a good deal on a fixed interest rate and once the fixed rate expires you switch to whichever lender is offering the best deal at the time. Provided you have sufficient equity in your property and a decent credit rating and your income hasn’t fallen since the last time you mortgaged you should have no problem taking your pick of the deals. That is unless, it seems, you’ve had free solar panels installed under a “rent a roof” scheme.

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Greenest Government Ever? Sorry Mr Cameron but do we look Green?!

Anyone remember, 3 days after coalition took power, David Cameron making his promise to lead the “greenest Government ever”? I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t, it’s hardly up there with the Kennedy assassination or the Moon landing, but nonetheless it was an important pledge at an important time for environmental policy and if you’re going to make a statement like that at a time when the world’s attention is focussed on you have to expect that you’ll be judged on it.

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