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Making Energy Saving Competitive

There are many good reasons to save energy in your household. Saving money, protecting the environment and also to become a winner. With reducing the carbon footprint high on almost everyone’s agenda many organisations are now running energy-saving competitions, offering prizes to households and businesses that can reduce their emissions.

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Hard-up drivers desperate to save money on fuel

Enthusiasm about cutting costs loses out to love of speed, research finds. Hard-up English motorists are desperate to save money on fuel – but don’t even know how much it costs, a survey released today has found.

Research for the Energy Saving Trust’s Fuel Your Passion campaign found almost three-quarters (71 per cent) of drivers do not know the average price of a litre of unleaded – but nine in ten admit shopping around to find cheaper fuel.

In addition, 80 per cent of car owners say they know following simple smarter driving tips could save them money – but a stubborn 51 per cent REFUSE to follow those tips because they are too set in their ways.

The three-month Fuel Your Passion campaign aims to inspire drivers to save money behind the wheel by driving more efficiently.

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Future Still Bright for Renewable Energy

The renewable energy market is currently facing some difficulties. Many larger companies in the sector have closed renewable parts of their business and with uncertainty surrounding subsidies investors remain nervous about investing in the renewable market.

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Is a Smart Meter a Smart Move?

The smart meter has come under scrutiny this week as the Government moves to install one in every UK household by 2020, citing the benefit to consumers and suppliers.
This move, however, is not heralded by everyone. Many people do not understand what a smart meter is.

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Is the Electric Car now a viable option?

The electric car has long been hailed as the car of the future. Car companies have invested in better performing and reliable cars. The Government are encouraging sales by offering grants to buyers and providing more power points for recharging cars.

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How Will the US – China Trade War Affect the Solar Industry?

As everyone knows, the Chinese manufacturing industry is growing fast and China now dominates global manufacturing. The solar panel manufacturing industry is no different. In 2011, China produced half of all of the rest of the world’s solar panels. This means that US manufacturers are losing valuable market share and in fact were responsible for just 3% of world production in the same year.

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Green Deal is right Idea, wrong target

CEO of energy specialists Sustain says the government is right about the Green Deal – but off target when it comes to who needs incentivising

The Government is spending £125Million on incentives for householders who take up the Green Deal, but according to one sustainability expert, it’s the advisers, not the householders, who need incentivising.

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How to save energy and money around the bathroom

Saving energy in the home can sometimes seem like a daunting unachievable task so it often helps if you can break each area or room down so you can target individually to improve efficiency. Some areas where you can make savings can be generic throughout the home but some can be more specific to a certain space or room. The following infographic looks at an often forgotten space, your bathroom.

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Solar PV damages claim rises to £50 million

A further five solar firms issue Letter Before Claim to DECC

Monday 22nd October 2012: Prospect Law, the legal team that defeated the Government over the illegal cuts to Feed-in tariffs last year, has issued the Department of Energy and Climate Change(DECC) with a formal ‘Letter Before Claim’ on behalf of a further five solar installation and construction companies. The request brings the total demand for compensation of losses incurred by the unlawful cuts to approximately £50 million, up from the initial demand of £2.2 million made in July. More firms are expected to file proceedings through Prospect Law within the next few days.

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Quick take cover! Green Deal is Landing!

The hysteria being whipped up by some of my colleagues in the press about the approach of Green Deal is comparable to the panic which might ensue if an alien invasion was imminent.
In fact it’s hard to imagine hacks at The Guardian getting this excited if little green men were landing in the car park. The Grauniad recently offered us ‘Government’s ‘Green Deal’ spurned by major retailers’. Only two major retailers are signed up, screamed the article hysterically. That’s pretty rich considering that Kingfisher, Europe’s largest DIY outfit and owner of B&Q, was practically biting Ed Davey’s hand off for early Green Deal Provider status, and other big retail names are also interested. Who did the Guardian hacks have in mind? Next? Argos? I bet Curry’s will be in if DECC adds fridge-freezers to the product list!

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How to Buy Green Electricity

The majority of the energy produced in the UK is obtained by burning fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thus contributing to the greenhouse gases and global warming. However, as increased pressure is put on finding renewable energy sources, the use of renewable and carbon-free electricity sources such as nuclear are on the increase.

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Renewable Energy for Homes Off Grid

Homes that are found in incredibly rural parts of the country will often have no electricity supply, meaning they have to survive without electricity or look at generating their own source. Often renewable energy sources such a solar, water or wind power hold the answer, with these homes being able to generate enough electricity for themselves.

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How to Save Fuel When Driving

Cars are one of the UK’s, indeed the Western World’s, and biggest polluters. In Britain there are around 31 million, spewing out carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide, carcinogens and other harmful substances. Furthermore, the cost of petrol is spiralling out of control. The unfortunate fact is that cars are a necessity in the modern world and will be for the foreseeable future, so if we can’t do without them it makes sense to think about what we can do to reduce fuel consumption.

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Choosing a Wood-Fuelled Heating Option

As we continue to look for different ways in which to create energy within our homes, wood-fuelled heating systems have become a sustainable, cost-effective source. Whether you choose a stove that heats a single room or a boiler to heat water and the rest of the house, you could be saving a lot of money on your energy bills.

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