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Energy savings in the kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the household. What with preparing and cooking meals, and often eating them too, as well as washing up and popping the kettle on for a cup of tea, it’s where most of the action is, and where a large proportion of household energy goes. Here are a few ways […]

NIA and EST advise householders to insulate ready for Winter

The National Insulation Association (NIA) and Energy Saving Trust (EST) are urging older people and those in fuel poverty to act now and insulate their properties. The NIA and EST advise that keeping a home warm is vital to certain groups in society especially the old. Research by Age UK states that this winter as […]

Is Your Plumbing Cost Effective?

We all know how important it is to keep on top of our finances, especially in a day and age where every penny counts. Tightening the pursestrings is something we all do during our daily life, making sure that we aren’t whittling away money that can be better spent elsewhere. While frivolous purchases will always […]

Have You Thought About Building a Passive House?

Thinking about building your own home? Wanting it to be energy-efficient? Then why not look into the option of building a home that has maximum energy efficiency – achieving a Passivhaus status? The name Passivhaus is derived from a German standard for buildings that are built to be incredibly energy efficient. The house has an […]

Planning for Renewable Energy in Your Home

If you’re thinking about getting renewable energy in your home, then careful planning and consideration is the key to getting it right. Ensuring you have covered everything from choosing a creditable installer to getting the appropriate funding should help get you up and running with your renewable energy source in next to no time.

Is it time for your LED switch over?

Switching to energy efficient lighting is something that I think most of us ‘consider’ to do but never get round to or find some excuse which is often no longer applicable.

Saving Energy & Money with Loft & Roof Insulation

Have you ever walked down your street after it has snowed and looked at all the homes with snow on the roofs and all those without? This is generally a good indication as to who has the best insulation and who needs to improve theirs. In your home up to a quarter of the heat […]

Make Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

As we are constantly reminded that we need to be ‘green’ and how it will save us money, many of us will look on in envy at those lucky people who are having the chance to build an eco-friendly home. Not only do they get to do their bit for the environment, but they will […]

“The Night Before an Energy Saving Christmas…”

‘Twas the night before Christmas And all through the house Every light blazed brightly Nothing was doused. “Bloody Hell” Said Santa As he flew nearby “What’s that over there, Rudolph? It’s lighting up the sky.”

Homeowners take action to cut energy bills

Chilly UK homeowners are taking action after a string of harsh winters – with more than a million fitting extra insulation to their property in the last year, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found.

Making Energy Saving Competitive

There are many good reasons to save energy in your household. Saving money, protecting the environment and also to become a winner. With reducing the carbon footprint high on almost everyone’s agenda many organisations are now running energy-saving competitions, offering prizes to households and businesses that can reduce their emissions.

Is the Electric Car now a viable option?

The electric car has long been hailed as the car of the future. Car companies have invested in better performing and reliable cars. The Government are encouraging sales by offering grants to buyers and providing more power points for recharging cars.

How to save energy and money around the bathroom

Saving energy in the home can sometimes seem like a daunting unachievable task so it often helps if you can break each area or room down so you can target individually to improve efficiency. Some areas where you can make savings can be generic throughout the home but some can be more specific to a […]

How to Save Fuel When Driving

Cars are one of the UK’s, indeed the Western World’s, and biggest polluters. In Britain there are around 31 million, spewing out carbon dioxide as well as carbon monoxide, carcinogens and other harmful substances. Furthermore, the cost of petrol is spiralling out of control. The unfortunate fact is that cars are a necessity in the […]

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