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Which Household Items Use the Most Electricity?

It’s not until you start going round your home turning off lights, turning things off standby and reducing the heat on the thermostat that you realise at just how many points you are using energy. Everything, from charging your little electric toothbrush to cooking the family dinner at night is consuming energy and contributing to […]

Simple Tips for Saving Energy in the Home

With the rising energy prices, the increasing pinch we feel in our wallets and the warnings of major climate changes due to the emissions of carbon dioxide, it is vital that we are as efficient as possible with our energy usage.

Easy tips to reduce your power bills

One of the most common misconceptions about reducing your power bill or being a friend of the environment is that you’ll have to suffer through cold showers and live by candlelight. The truth is that it doesn’t require significant lifestyle changes to cut your energy consumption and save money on your power bill. Rising energy […]

Are Energy Efficient Home Improvements a Waste of Time?

In the modern world, especially in a time of economic hardship, we are all suffering. Money is tight and getting even tighter as bills rise, so why should we be bothered with pointless measures for energy efficiency. Why should we waste our hard earned cash on measures that don’t bring any direct return? This article […]

Consumers living in fear of their energy bills

The gas and electricity companies have done it again. Increasing their prices just before winter when everyone’s consumption will be at its highest. On average gas will be rising by 17.4 per cent whilst electricity will see a rise of 10.8 per cent. This has led to many too scared to turn their heating on […]

The Weirdest Eco Friendly Green Ideas

It started one day when I had a phone call from my wife. She was at a garden centre and enthusiastically told me that there was a water butt there, on sale, for £10. After a few minutes of discussion we decided to acquire this bastion of water storage.

How to be a Greener Tourist

Christmas and New Year have come and gone and it’s that time of year when we start to think about booking our summer holidays to give us something to look forward to through the months ahead.

10 Energy Efficiency Tips for Winter

The long, dark days of winter are never far away, which means increased costs for your home. With the average household using more energy in winter than in the warmer months, it’s important to find ways for your family to save money and save energy. With increased daylight, the summer is the perfect time to […]

Free ways to Save Energy in the Home

There are lots of ways we can all save energy and therefore money around the home. Some cost thousands of pounds, like solar panels, wind turbines or double glazing, some cost a few hundred such as insulation and some, such as DIY draught proofing measures or energy saving lightbulbs, just a few pounds. These are […]

Resolutions for a Happy Green New Year

With a New Year in sight it’s the traditional time to reflect on your life and make resolutions for the coming year. So whatever your goals and ambitions for the next year, why not make a few green resolutions too. You never know they might save you some money and energy too.

I’m dreaming of an Environmentally Friendly Christmas….

The weather is cold and freezing outside, snow lays thick on the ground and Christmas is in the air. We’re all busy with the seasonal activities, shopping and hopefully having lots of fun, but there are still things we can do to make sure that our Christmas is a green one and, maybe, save a […]

Cutting the Carbon Cost of Christmas

As Christmas fast approaches there is the inevitable rush to buy everything from presents to food, it’s easy to overlook the carbon cost of the things you buy and the trips you make. Everything we buy, everything we wrap, open and give has a carbon cost to it.

Tis the Season to Save Energy

It’s Christmas Time…..and there’s no need to waste energy. That’s right, in the middle of the Christmas period with all the stress and joys of food, shopping, festive fun and family; it is easy to forget about trying to save energy over the period.

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