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Can Chinese Solar Inverters Match Up With The German Masters?

A solar “inverter” is a vital piece of equipment in a solar panel installation. Its purpose is to convert the direct current (known as DC) produced by your solar energy system directly from the sun’s rays into a useable alternating current (AC). Germany use to be the global leader in solar technology, both in terms of manufacture and indeed number of installations. These days, as with so many things, China now produces most of the world’s solar equipment and it produces 75% of the world’s solar inverters.

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Protect the Elderly Facing Fuel Poverty this Winter – Today

Summer is over and the nights are already starting to draw in. Soon winter will be upon us which for those that struggle with fuel poverty can be a difficult and frightening time. The colder days mean higher fuel bills which some cannot afford to pay.

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Getting a Smart Meter in Your Home

Smart meters have been introduced to replace the standard gas and electricity meters installed in your home, with plans for every home in the UK to have one by the year 2019. There will be no need for meter readings once these are installed and they will also allow you to monitor how much energy you are using around your home.

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Can the Solar Panel Industry Survive Without the Feed In Tariff?

Since the launch of the feed in tariff in 2010 the solar industry has gone from being a minor cottage industry to a pretty big noise in the British economy. There is of course no doubting that the FIT has been the major factor in this success story but is it the be all and end all? As the feed in tariff appears to be being phased out more quickly than the Labour government that introduced it ever intended we ask – can the solar industry survive without the feed in tariff?

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Private Landlords Keen to Go Green

More than half of private residential landlords are considering getting involved in Green Deal, according to a survey by a landlords’ association which says it is encouraging members to go green.

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The Secret to Economy 7 Electricity Tariff

Many people don’t know they have it. Others don’t understand it. Some just presume it is saving them money. Economy 7 is the electricity tariff that offers customers 7 hours of energy through the night at a much cheaper rate.

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Why Have Energy Saving Light Bulbs Taken Over?

In most shops now you will find that energy efficient light bulbs dominate the shelves, and over the next couple of years inefficient light bulbs will have been completely phased out. But just how much energy will they save and who has implemented these changes?

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Energy Saving Made Easy

With all the information and advice it is easy to become overwhelmed with energy saving. From being told ‘turn those lights off!’ to being promised ‘this is the best energy saving product on the market’ it can feel like a bit of a minefield. There is no need to worry. Energy saving doesn’t have to be hard work, or time consuming. In fact, it is easy to energise you’re energy saving!

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GDA Training ‘going well’ but software unfinished

Training of ‘go early’ Green Deal assessors is going well despite some teething troubles, according to the organisation overseeing the training process, but assessors are reporting that the GDA software is still not completed, complicating training courses.

Asset Skills, the sector skills council for housing, property and planning, expects the first GDAs to be trained by October, when Green Deal is due to launch, and all of them should be trained by the end of the year.

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The Top Ten Gadgets to Help You Save Energy

Sometimes it may seem like energy saving can take a lot of effort. The rewards are more than worth it but sometimes we need more. We need help. We need it to be fun!

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Saving Energy & Money with Fuel-Efficient Driving

Several people at work may have done their bit for the environment by ditching their cars in a morning and hopping on their bicycles, but for many this simply isn’t an option. It’s time-consuming, unpractical and not everyone has the energy to jump back on their bike after a hard days slog at work! So, how can you get more for your money for your petrol and do a little bit for the environment?

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Report Suggests 58% Increase in Average Electricity Bill

According to a new report conducted by Professor Gordon Hughes, by 2020 the average UK household could expect to be paying a whopping 58% more on their electricity bills because of the Government’s ‘obsession’ with wind power. Taking the average up to more than £300 extra per year, the report throws into question just how much of an impact the Government’s green plans will have on the UK.

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Economy Electricity Rates – Do They Work?

The Economy 7 energy tariff is very popular in the UK; particularly with people who use electricity to heat their home. The basic principle is that the tariff makes electricity far cheaper at night than during the day; meaning you can save money by heating your home at night. This is a good idea in theory as a number of people are at work during the day and do not need their heating on. The tariff is also designed with storage heaters, which allow you to conserve heat on the cheap rate and release it during the day, in mind.

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Feed In Tariffs – Eligible and Economic?

Putting a renewable energy source in your home is often regarded as an investment. Weighing up the costs of installing a system against the money it will produce is in essence the decision. Therefore, understanding Feed In Tariffs (FIT) is vital in deciding whether to have a renewable energy source at your home.

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