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Castle and contents: insuring your home

‘For a man’s house is his castle,’ wrote Sir Edward Coke in 1628 – and just as a moat protects a castle, contents insurance protects the treasures that make bricks and mortar a home.

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Saving Energy & Money with Loft & Roof Insulation

Have you ever walked down your street after it has snowed and looked at all the homes with snow on the roofs and all those without? This is generally a good indication as to who has the best insulation and who needs to improve theirs. In your home up to a quarter of the heat produced in your house can be lost through the roof if you don’t have the correct insulation; this wastes energy and money, with you having to heat your house far more than you would if you had more effective insulation.

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Thanks Ed ! You’ve done it to us again !

I have never made any secret of the fact that I see the Green Deal as potentially very good for the energy assessment industry, and potentially very good for the country, so I’m keen to see it work, which no doubt colours my attitude to other press coverage of it.

But am I really the only person who thinks that some very odd stuff has gone on over press coverage of the scheme?

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Will the Green Deal include Microgeneration Technology?

It may be the last thing on your mind at the start of 2013 thought it will mark an interesting time for the Green Deal. The reaction to the scheme has been so far underwhelming. Yet as of January 2013 the Green Deal will come into full operation as homeowners will be able to receive the finance the deal pledges. Currently homeowners can only sign up to the first stage, the assessment, but January will see the first works commence, financed by the Government scheme.

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5 Reason to have a Renewable Energy Source

Been considering installing a renewable energy source? Want to generate free, green electricity but not sure about investing? Fear not. It is normal to be anxious but here are five ways to help you take the plunge and get the right microgeneration unit in your home.

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Make Environmentally Friendly Home Improvements

As we are constantly reminded that we need to be ‘green’ and how it will save us money, many of us will look on in envy at those lucky people who are having the chance to build an eco-friendly home. Not only do they get to do their bit for the environment, but they will also save a lot of money on bills in the long-run. But what if building just isn’t an option?

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“The Night Before an Energy Saving Christmas…”

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the house
Every light blazed brightly
Nothing was doused.

“Bloody Hell” Said Santa
As he flew nearby
“What’s that over there, Rudolph?
It’s lighting up the sky.”

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Global Warming – The Facts

We all hear about it, all know the effects it’s having on our environment, but just what is global warming and do we really know all of the facts about it? Caused by the ‘greenhouse effect’ it is having a warming effect on the world’s average temperatures; and as the greenhouse gases accumulate, the Earth will continue to get warmer, which is what is resulting in the rapid climate change that are we are now witnessing.

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Improvements in Solar Panels can lead to a Sustainable Future

In the drive towards making the country greener and more sustainable, renewable energy is the future. This is demonstrated by the Government’s commitment to generating 30% of the energy share from renewable sources by 2020. There will be more tidal energy, wind turbines and of course, solar panels supplying the power that keeps the lights on.

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Choosing an Energy Efficient Computer

With around 29.5 million laptops and computers in circulation in the UK and just 26.5 million homes, the use of computer technology is clear; but it can also have a massive impact on carbon dioxide emissions. Your choice of computer or laptop could help you to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that are produced through the use of it, alongside reducing the amount of energy it consumes.

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Homeowners take action to cut energy bills

Chilly UK homeowners are taking action after a string of harsh winters – with more than a million fitting extra insulation to their property in the last year, new research from the Energy Saving Trust has found.

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Would You Know How to Protect Your Home from Flooding?

With the increased weather warnings and sudden downpours, we’ve seen an increase in flooding and unpredictable weather conditions in the past few years; but do you know if your home is at risk from flooding, and would you know what steps to take to protect it? By knowing if you are in a high-risk area, what to do in order to prepare for a flood, and what to do if your home does flood, you could take precautions that could save you a lot of time, money and distress.

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Power by the People

The UK government has in recent years adopted an ambitious 80 per cent reduction target in CO2 emissions by the year 2050 in an effort to combat climate change. These emissions are mainly associated with the domestic sector and produced by electricity and heat generation in people’s homes.These account for 27 per cent of all of the UK’s emissions.

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Would you like to be paid to discuss Heat Pumps

Market Resarch QuestionnaireDo you either have or plan on having the following installed for the heating and or hot water supply of your home?

  • Ground source heat pump
  • Air source heat pump
  • Air conditioner with heat pump
  • Geothermal heat pump

Our research project entails:

We are looking for people to take part in a moderated discussion on these alternative heating sources and give their feedback on where they see existing needs, room for improvement and explore their experiences and dreams for such systems in a space where their concerns can have direct impact on product development.

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