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Reducing energy bills - Housing Energy Advisor

To keep your utility bills low, you need to look at and consider the following:

Q Do you do these?
A. Not all of them

Check you energy supplier’s prices

Changing from one utility company to another can be done relatively easily and the possibility of finding a cheaper energy supplier should be done regularly to ensure you are on a competitive deal.

Be sure to look out for the eco friendly type deals, they are increasing in number and availability. With increased interest towards eco conscious energy supply, will come a higher level of importance that the energy companies will place upon it.

It often makes sense financially and for ease to choose a dual fuel option. Please consider the environment and opting out of paper billing unless it really is essential for you. Paperless billing will save you cash and directly benefit the environment.  

Don’t be afraid of switching energy providers, it really is not that difficult or time consuming. When you do switch you can benefit yourself and the environment. We love win, win scenarios.

Implement some energy saving tips

Have your read our tips to save energy? Or our new section on our blog, where we publish a weekly energy saving tip. Yes you guessed it, a new way to save energy every week.

We write FREE energy saving advice for you to follow and save YOU money. Following just some of the advice is sure to save you some money.

Replace and buy energy saving appliances

Energy saving technology is increasing rapidly (sometimes we even struggle keeping up – be sure to let us know if we are missing anything) alongside the ability to improve our lifestyles whilst using less energy and reducing our fuel bills.

Now we love energy saving gadgets and appliances, they are so versatile. Eco friendly gadgets/appliances range from the everyday ‘A’ rated fridges to the perfect must have eco gifts. Now how much energy would we save between us if we all buy an energy saving product for at least one family member for christmas or their upcoming birthday?  Have a look at our favourite eco gadgets.


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