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Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) – the Basics

You may have heard about Heat Pumps as the up and coming form of renewable heating technology. In theory the systems should be able to provide the whole heating for a building at little or no cost to the owner, with the added bonus of not using fuels to create the heat energy. Does it […]

Consent of a Lender for Solar PV Rent a Roof Schemes

Since the introduction of the feed in tariff scheme in April 2010 a number of installers have begun to offer free solar panels to home owners who cannot afford, or do not wish to pay for, solar panels. The companies install the panels in exchange for the home owner entering into a lease of the […]

Is Large Scale Biomass Energy a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Biomass energy means energy generated from burning living or recently living organisms such as wood, as opposed to fossilised organisms (also known as fossil fuels). The energy production process is just the same as with a coal or oil fired power station. Biomass fuel is burned to heat water which creates steam which turns turbines […]

Global Renewable Energy Trends

Renewable energy has come a long way from the early days, when most people thought global warming was nothing more than scaremongering and when the fossil fuel giants used their power and influence to block research and silence anyone who dared question the feasibility of our continued reliance on oil, gas and coal. Climate change […]

Renewable Technologies: Ground Source Heat Pumps

You might have heard of many of the new green technologies that are starting to become better known in the UK heating systems market. Technologies like Heat Pumps, Solar panels and Renewable fuels promise to help cut not only the reliance on our limited resources of oil and natural gas, but also help to cut […]

Desertec Solar Energy Farm

It has long been known that the Sun provides the Earth with far more energy than mankind could ever need. The problem has always been how to harness it. This dilemma was partially solved a number of years ago with the invention of solar panels, collectors which are able to convert energy from the Sun’s […]

Feed in Tariff – The Effect on Green Energy Production

The feed in tariff, the scheme under which people who have certain renewable energy systems installed on their homes or businesses are rewarded by being paid for the energy which the systems produce, has recently had its first anniversary. The aim of the scheme was to help Britain meet its carbon emissions reduction target which […]

The Future of Nuclear Power in the UK

As recently as last October, the former Government gave the go ahead for eight new nuclear power plants to be built at sites in the UK, suggesting that the fear that arrested the development of the nuclear industry in the UK post-Chernobyl had finally subsided.

The use of Personal Solar Panels

Solar power is the cleanest, greenest and most abundant form of alternative available today. A solar panel does not need to be plugged into anything other than a battery and new generations of solar panels, also known as photovoltaic modules, are robust and sturdy.

Guide to Solar Photovoltaic and the Feed-In Tariff

With the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) in 2010 you can now get paid generously for generating your own electricity at home using solar photovoltaic (PV). Such a scheme has existed for many years in Germany and has been introduced in the UK to help our government achieve its legally binding target of 15% […]

Considerations for choosing an ASHP

When most people consider replacing their oil or gas boiler with a heat pump, it is generally thought that the boiler can be removed and the heat pump installed in replacement. Following this, the oil tank can be removed and the system is good to go.

Where Should I Position My Solar Panels?

Solar panels are a great way to generate free, carbon neutral electricity for your home and with the introduction of the feed in tariff, the possibility of the new “no risk” loans offered by the proposed Green Deal and rising energy prices, there’s never been a better time to go solar.

Installing Domestic Micro Hydro Electricity Systems

Although obviously very site specific, hydro electricity is one of the cheapest and cleanest methods of producing renewable energy. The best location would be on a steep hill with fast flowing water. The great advantage over other renewable options is that the rate of power production is more or less constant and is not dependant […]

Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas

Under the EU Landfill Directive (1999/31/EC) the UK is obliged to meet tough targets for reducing the amount of biodegradable waste which we send to landfill sites. Biodegradable waste means such things as food waste, garden waste, paper/card etc, basically more or less anything produced from an animal or plant. Based on 1995 figures, we […]

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