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Hydropower a Sustainable Source of Energy for You and Your Community

Electricity can be generated from the flow of water, providing there is enough volume and the water is falling from a high enough height. Using devices such as turbines, the energy of the rivers flow can then be used to generate electricity, creating a renewable energy source that is essential in the growing battle against […]

Can The Government Meet Renewable Targets?

It has been an important week for renewable energy in the UK. The Government set out its plan to power the country with the new energy bill and, thankfully, renewable energy has a large role to play.

Will the Green Deal include Microgeneration Technology?

It may be the last thing on your mind at the start of 2013 thought it will mark an interesting time for the Green Deal. The reaction to the scheme has been so far underwhelming. Yet as of January 2013 the Green Deal will come into full operation as homeowners will be able to receive […]

5 Reason to have a Renewable Energy Source

Been considering installing a renewable energy source? Want to generate free, green electricity but not sure about investing? Fear not. It is normal to be anxious but here are five ways to help you take the plunge and get the right microgeneration unit in your home.

Improvements in Solar Panels can lead to a Sustainable Future

In the drive towards making the country greener and more sustainable, renewable energy is the future. This is demonstrated by the Government’s commitment to generating 30% of the energy share from renewable sources by 2020. There will be more tidal energy, wind turbines and of course, solar panels supplying the power that keeps the lights […]

Power by the People

The UK government has in recent years adopted an ambitious 80 per cent reduction target in CO2 emissions by the year 2050 in an effort to combat climate change. These emissions are mainly associated with the domestic sector and produced by electricity and heat generation in people’s homes.These account for 27 per cent of all […]

Would you like to be paid to discuss Heat Pumps

Do you either have or plan on having the following installed for the heating and or hot water supply of your home? Ground source heat pump Air source heat pump Air conditioner with heat pump Geothermal heat pump Our research project entails: We are looking for people to take part in a moderated discussion on […]

Future Still Bright for Renewable Energy

The renewable energy market is currently facing some difficulties. Many larger companies in the sector have closed renewable parts of their business and with uncertainty surrounding subsidies investors remain nervous about investing in the renewable market.

How Will the US – China Trade War Affect the Solar Industry?

As everyone knows, the Chinese manufacturing industry is growing fast and China now dominates global manufacturing. The solar panel manufacturing industry is no different. In 2011, China produced half of all of the rest of the world’s solar panels. This means that US manufacturers are losing valuable market share and in fact were responsible for […]

Solar PV damages claim rises to £50 million

A further five solar firms issue Letter Before Claim to DECC Monday 22nd October 2012: Prospect Law, the legal team that defeated the Government over the illegal cuts to Feed-in tariffs last year, has issued the Department of Energy and Climate Change(DECC) with a formal ‘Letter Before Claim’ on behalf of a further five solar […]

Renewable Energy for Homes Off Grid

Homes that are found in incredibly rural parts of the country will often have no electricity supply, meaning they have to survive without electricity or look at generating their own source. Often renewable energy sources such a solar, water or wind power hold the answer, with these homes being able to generate enough electricity for […]

Can Chinese Solar Inverters Match Up With The German Masters?

A solar “inverter” is a vital piece of equipment in a solar panel installation. Its purpose is to convert the direct current (known as DC) produced by your solar energy system directly from the sun’s rays into a useable alternating current (AC). Germany use to be the global leader in solar technology, both in terms […]

Can the Solar Panel Industry Survive Without the Feed In Tariff?

Since the launch of the feed in tariff in 2010 the solar industry has gone from being a minor cottage industry to a pretty big noise in the British economy. There is of course no doubting that the FIT has been the major factor in this success story but is it the be all and […]

Report Suggests 58% Increase in Average Electricity Bill

According to a new report conducted by Professor Gordon Hughes, by 2020 the average UK household could expect to be paying a whopping 58% more on their electricity bills because of the Government’s ‘obsession’ with wind power. Taking the average up to more than £300 extra per year, the report throws into question just how […]

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