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Solar Powered Toys – Transforming Robot & 6 in 1 Educational Toy

Why didn’t they have toys like this when I was kid?!

Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets and Gifts

I don’t know about you, but when I think of solar panels I normally think of the large solar panels that are mounted on buildings to provide electrical supply and hot water. If you think of gadgets you probably think of the good old fashioned solar powered pocket calculator that has been around for decades.

What Effect Will The Weather Have On Solar Panels?

We all know that it the UK our weather is very unpredictable. We get the full range from blisteringly hot sun (albeit not as often as we’d like!) to heavy snowfall, and most things in between. You might wonder therefore, what effect would this have on the operation of a solar panel? What are the […]

Do I Need Planning Permission For Installing Solar Roof Panels?

Up until April 2008 it was necessary to apply for planning permission in order to install solar panels. The government however wants us all to use more renewable energy and so in 2008 it changed the planning rules in order to make it easier to do so.

Free Solar Panels – What You Should Know

Solar panels, or photovoltaic cells, can be used to harness the energy provided by the sun and convert it to electricity. As well as being great for the environment because they do not produce any harmful emissions, the “fuel” (i.e. sunlight) is of course free which makes for lower fuel bills.

Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are one of the greenest, most low maintenance and most cost effective forms of renewable energy. Whilst they are quite expensive to install, the running costs are low are there is very little maintenance required. They are often described as “fit and forget” systems.

Solar Heat Gain Explained

You may have heard of Solar Gain, but few of us know what it actually is and how it can apply in somewhere like our homes. Managed properly solar gain can actually help to save you money on your bills and supplement your heating system.

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