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Conveyancing and the Green Deal Scheme

The Energy Bill is currently passing through Parliament and is expected to receive Royal Assent later this year. Amongst other provisions, it sets out the legal framework for the Green Deal, the Government’s new flagship environmental policy under which it is hoped that up to 14 million home owners will be encouraged to install energy […]

Energy Efficiency in Hard to Treat Homes

So what do a flat, a building without a loft, and a property constructed with solid walls have in common? Well, they are all regarded as ‘Hard to Treat Homes’ or HTTH for energy efficiency measures. This can mean extra costs or labour intensive measures to help permanently reduce the amount of energy a property […]

A Window to Energy Efficient Glazing

You might be thinking of spending money on home improvements. Perhaps Double Glazing is on your list of priorities. Perhaps you are looking to improve your energy efficiency that bit more. What can energy efficient glazing do for you? This article will aim to give you an overview on the type of energy efficient glazing […]

Using Foam Board Insulation

When it comes to thinking of types of insulation probably the first thing that comes to mind is the typical mineral wool style insulation that you normally find in the loft. This insulation type is now the most common standard when it comes to fitting insulation into the home, in fact so common that it […]

Solid Wall Insulation – Ins & Outs

There is a lot of media attention around Cavity Walls and the benefits of having Cavity Wall Insulation injected into the cavity gap in a property. It is regarded as one of the biggest energy saving areas that can be undertaken on a property and is the focus of many subsidised schemes and grants around […]

Measuring Success – EPC Recommendations Explained.

If you have seen a full Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) report you will know that there is more to it than just the multi coloured graph that you see on estate agent’s details. There is a report of several pages detailing more specific information such as the estimated energy use of the building, a summary […]

Secondary Glazing Compared to Double Glazing

There is a lot of talk about Double Glazing and it is often now seen as a priority for many home owners to install in their homes to improve the property. In fact it is often said that whilst the presence of Double Glazing adds nothing to the actual value of the property, its absence […]

Understanding The “Passivhaus” Building Standard

All new properties built in the UK must be built in accordance with building regulations. Building regulations cover just about every expect of the build and include structural stability, electrical and gas safety, minimum hygiene standards such as fresh water etc etc.

Designing an Energy Efficient Home

The design and build of a new home is a great opportunity to incorporate all of the very best energy efficient technologies and design features. Most things can be done retrospectively but it is often cheaper and easier, and causes less disruption, to deal with it at the build stage.

Hot Water Cylinder Jacket – The perfect present?

It’s an easy thing to forget the Hot Water Cylinder for those of us that have one. Which let’s be fair is rather a surprise considering the room they take up!  What is probably even more surprising is that a Hot Water Cylinder, especially one being used as an electric immersion to create household hot […]

An introduction to Thermal Imaging

As energy assessors we work with our clients who range from Architects to private home owners to providing building compliance checks to ensure new buildings meets the current building regulations. As well as providing energy saving advice for older properties. With the commercial climate as it is at the moment many owners of commercial properties […]

What is the Green Deal Scheme?

The Green Deal is the coalition Government’s flagship carbon emissions reduction project. It is a Conservative idea but has the full backing of the Liberal Democrats. The purpose of the Green Deal is to encourage as many people as possible to take measures to make their homes more energy efficient and it will achieve this […]

How To Avoid Being Ripped Off By Renewable Energy Installers

The renewable energy (or micro generation) industry is seen as a very ethical and honourable one, after all these people are helping to save the planet aren’t they? Whilst this may be true, the unfortunate fact is that where there is money to be made, there will be someone out there willing to take advantage […]

Installing Solar Panels at Your Home

Solar panels or photovoltaic cells are one of the greenest, most low maintenance and most cost effective forms of renewable energy. Whilst they are quite expensive to install, the running costs are low are there is very little maintenance required. They are often described as “fit and forget” systems.

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