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Should I choose an Independent Assessment or Green Deal?

Have you reached that point where you want to make your home more energy efficient and you have followed all the necessary steps to try an achieve this via double glazing and better loft insulation but feel like you could do more? Are you unsure of what steps to make next and which step is […]

Is the Green Deal scheme a sham?

he Green Deal, a government scheme designed to help homeowners pay for energy efficient improvements in their homes, hasn’t had the sign up numbers expected since its launch at the beginning of 2013. With only 12 homeowners actually making repayments through the finance package on offer from the government and their respective partner companies, is […]

What is The Green Deal plan; is it right for me & my home?

At the start of 2013 the government’s long awaited energy saving scheme, The Green Deal, finally launched into action. The scheme aims to make energy cheaper and homes warmer with no huge upfront charges for families unable to pay.

Choosing a Green Deal Provider, what should I know?

Green Deal Providers are the professionals who help to coordinate The Green Deal Plan, a scheme that aims to improve the efficiency and eco-friendly nature of British homes. There are certain things you need to know about the service you should expect from your Green Deal Provider and this blog aims to guide you through […]

An In-depth Guide to Solar Energy

You may think that the British weather isn’t the best for having solar panels installed; but we do get enough sunlight for you to start saving a lot of money from these renewable energy sources. An average of £645 could be saved per year with feed-in tariff payments and savings from your energy bills, if […]

The Green Deal – Explained

You might have heard of the Green Deal in passing, a new government scheme that’s connected to the energy efficiency of your home; but do you know enough about it to see how it could be benefiting you and your home?

Green Deal – They wouldn’t would they ?

I may win this month’s doom and gloom award for saying so, but I am concerned at how things are going to turn out over commercial Green Deal, given that there looks set to be a considerable shortfall in numbers of qualified GDNDEAs.

What has happened to commercial Green Deal?

I know Ed Davey said earlier this month that he had never expected Commercial Green Deal to ‘fly out the door’, but right now it looks as if its launch date is geared to coincide with the next flypast of Gloucestershire Old Spots. Given the various noises coming out of DECC, it is hard to […]

Will the Green Deal include Microgeneration Technology?

It may be the last thing on your mind at the start of 2013 thought it will mark an interesting time for the Green Deal. The reaction to the scheme has been so far underwhelming. Yet as of January 2013 the Green Deal will come into full operation as homeowners will be able to receive […]

Future Still Bright for Renewable Energy

The renewable energy market is currently facing some difficulties. Many larger companies in the sector have closed renewable parts of their business and with uncertainty surrounding subsidies investors remain nervous about investing in the renewable market.

Green Deal is right Idea, wrong target

CEO of energy specialists Sustain says the government is right about the Green Deal – but off target when it comes to who needs incentivising The Government is spending £125Million on incentives for householders who take up the Green Deal, but according to one sustainability expert, it’s the advisers, not the householders, who need incentivising.

Quick take cover! Green Deal is Landing!

The hysteria being whipped up by some of my colleagues in the press about the approach of Green Deal is comparable to the panic which might ensue if an alien invasion was imminent. In fact it’s hard to imagine hacks at The Guardian getting this excited if little green men were landing in the car […]

Private Landlords Keen to Go Green

More than half of private residential landlords are considering getting involved in Green Deal, according to a survey by a landlords’ association which says it is encouraging members to go green.

GDA Training ‘going well’ but software unfinished

Training of ‘go early’ Green Deal assessors is going well despite some teething troubles, according to the organisation overseeing the training process, but assessors are reporting that the GDA software is still not completed, complicating training courses. Asset Skills, the sector skills council for housing, property and planning, expects the first GDAs to be trained […]

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