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Green Deal ‘will start slow and need a lot of work’

That’s NOT official, but it seems to be pretty unanimous Assessors should expect a very slow start to Green Deal, and newly-qualified GDAs will have to work very hard to make any headway, given the likelihood of considerable public ignorance, suspicion and apathy.

What to expect of the Green Deal Provider

Under the Green Deal scheme due to commence in October this year, utility bill payers will have the opportunity to have energy saving measures installed at their property with no upfront costs, via a Green Deal finance package. In every arrangement there are three key players, the green deal advisor, the green deal provider and […]

Green Deal Training Bonanza to Start

Accreditation bodies are gearing up for a training bonanza as the first candidates for Green Deal Advisor status prepare to begin training courses within days. The first cohort of candidates will start training as ‘go early’ Green Deal Advisors in July, in readiness for the introduction of the Green Deal within a few months. The […]

Are Incentives Vital For Green Deal Success?

Most people are sheep. And sheep, it seems, are suckers for getting something for nothing. These are two facts that should be at the forefront of the thinking of anyone looking to sell anything new to the public. Businesses do it all the time of course, with BOGOF deals in supermarkets and banks offering high […]

The Fuel Poverty Epidemic, What Now ?

There is a new epidemic which is spreading through Britain. At first it affected only the very poor and vulnerable members of society but its grip is expanding. It is not contagious and cannot be treated by doctors or with medicines. It is not a physical or mental illness, but it can and does cause […]

Greenest Government Ever? Sorry Mr Cameron but do we look Green?!

Anyone remember, 3 days after coalition took power, David Cameron making his promise to lead the “greenest Government ever”? I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t, it’s hardly up there with the Kennedy assassination or the Moon landing, but nonetheless it was an important pledge at an important time for environmental policy and if you’re […]

People are the Greatest Green Deal Threat

Inevitably we are all talking about Green Deal these days, and we have been doing it for quite a while, but there are a couple of things that don’t seem to be getting mentioned in the current debate, though before we go any further let me make clear that I am pro Green Deal. It […]

Green Deal – Opportunities and challenges

When one looks into the future for energy assessors under the Green Deal, am not at all sure it’s looking good.One thing seems certain from the information coming out about the Green Deal – over the next 18 months everyone in the energy assessment industry is going to have to raise their game just to […]

Sweetening the Green Deal Scheme

The Green Deal is the coalition Government’s flagship environmental project. It is aimed at making up to 14 million homes more efficient by 2020, through insulation, draught proofing, double glazing and other measures designed to reduce energy usage. The improvements are paid for by home owners through special loans which attach to the property rather […]

What is the Green Deal Scheme?

The Green Deal is the coalition Government’s flagship carbon emissions reduction project. It is a Conservative idea but has the full backing of the Liberal Democrats. The purpose of the Green Deal is to encourage as many people as possible to take measures to make their homes more energy efficient and it will achieve this […]

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