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Will the Green Deal include Microgeneration Technology?

It may be the last thing on your mind at the start of 2013 thought it will mark an interesting time for the Green Deal. The reaction to the scheme has been so far underwhelming. Yet as of January 2013 the Green Deal will come into full operation as homeowners will be able to receive the finance the deal pledges. Currently homeowners can only sign up to the first stage, the assessment, but January will see the first works commence, financed by the Government scheme.

Though the scheme hasn’t captured the imagination of the public so far this is mainly due to the fact there is no clear framework as to how the Green Deal will work. In particular, it is not clear whether consumers will be able to get microgeneration technology in their homes using the Green Deal.

Will Renewable Energy Technology be Available as Part of the Green Deal?

Unfortunately, as seems to be the case with any questions regarding the scheme, this is not an easy one to answer. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change renewable technologies will be part of the Green Deal.

However, this part of the scheme has not been promoted as part of the Green Deal as with insulation and other home improvements. There is no clear information or answer. The best consumer group Which? can offer is that ‘Solar panels may be available in Green Deal packages too, but that is not yet clear.’ Even the renewable energy industry appears to be in the dark as to whether their industry would be given a much needed boost.

If you are interested in buying solar panels or other microgeneration technologies using the package it would be best to contact a Green Deal providers and enquire as to the possibility. A simple search to find a provider will yield many results. This includes Green Deal providers that claim to offer microgeneration technologies as part of the scheme. Remember though, to always seek accredited providers.

The New Year should see the Government give clearer details about how the scheme will work. As more people use the scheme things should also become clearer. The Green Deal is a great idea in theory but now needs to prove viable in reality.

Should the Green Deal include Microgeneration Technology?

Even with the details not all ironed out it there seems a strong case for including renewable technology in the Green Deal.

With the rate of FITs just being confirmed at the current rate for 2013 putting microgeneration systems should promise a return for investors and householders. That is if the Government would allow FITs to be claimed in conjunction with the Green Deal. As the Government are not putting the money up for the Green Deal there should not be too much a conflict of interest and it would also help towards the UK’s renewable energy targets. Perhaps there could be a separate rate of FITs for those installed under the scheme.

The added benefit of installing a system under the scheme would be the assessment stage. Currently those claiming grants such as FITs must have an EPC of a high enough level to be eligible. If microgeneration systems were made available through the package consumers would also have to undergo the assessment stage. On top of an EPC this would look at how efficient the home already is and the potential savings having such a system could provide. Assessors would be able to advise householders as to what system would best suit their property, cutting the risk for consumers and investors. With a lower element of risk more people would be encouraged to get a renewable system.

It is time for the Green Deal to push the country’s green energy policy to new heights. At the moment the improvements it is offering are things that people have struggled to give away over last couple of years. If the scheme is to be a watershed moment towards a greener future sooner or later it must offer microgeneration systems as part of the package.

Written by Michael Hallam

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