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How to Buy Green Electricity

The majority of the energy produced in the UK is obtained by burning fossil fuels which release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere thus contributing to the greenhouse gases and global warming. However, as increased pressure is put on finding renewable energy sources, the use of renewable and carbon-free electricity sources such as nuclear are on […]

Considering Carbon Offsetting ?

These days we all know we need to try and reduce the size of our carbon footprint. The best way to do this is to look at each of our activities which produce emissions (driving, heating cooking etc) and either avoid or reduce them.

Global Renewable Energy Trends

Renewable energy has come a long way from the early days, when most people thought global warming was nothing more than scaremongering and when the fossil fuel giants used their power and influence to block research and silence anyone who dared question the feasibility of our continued reliance on oil, gas and coal. Climate change […]

The Future of Nuclear Power in the UK

As recently as last October, the former Government gave the go ahead for eight new nuclear power plants to be built at sites in the UK, suggesting that the fear that arrested the development of the nuclear industry in the UK post-Chernobyl had finally subsided.

What Effect Will Climate Change Have on the UK?

Climate change is without doubt one of the biggest threats, if not the biggest threat, to the survival of our civilisation as we know it today. That may sound dramatic, but we only need look at the growing number of natural disasters which are happening around the world each year as a result of extreme […]

Understanding The “Passivhaus” Building Standard

All new properties built in the UK must be built in accordance with building regulations. Building regulations cover just about every expect of the build and include structural stability, electrical and gas safety, minimum hygiene standards such as fresh water etc etc.

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