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Use a toaster, avoid grills where possible

Energy Saving Tip 4 – Using a toaster is more energy efficient than a traditional grill. Grilling food is generally healthy and a more efficent use of your electricity than a traditional oven.

Save Energy and Money with a Steamer or Slow Cooker

Energy Saving Tip 3 – A steamer or slow cooker can save you energy as often whole meals can be cooked at once.

Descale your kettle for better performance

Energy Saving Tip 2 – Electric kettles need descaling to boil efficiently.You must descale your electric kettle regularly to prevent a build up of limescale deposits from hard water.

Prepare Your Food to Cook Efficiently

Energy Saving Tip 1 – When preparing your food whether this be meat or vegetables consider the size of the pieces you will chop them into and the effect this will have on cooking time.

Bookmark us – dont waste energy searching

So in the first of our top tips to save energy; use bookmarks whilst surfing the web. What a waste of time effort and it can be looking and hunting for that great website you found. Now you need it, you can’t find it, how annoying is it? Simple solution – Bookmark it.

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