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Commercial EPCs – Reading The Recommendations Report (Part 1)

Every commercial Energy Performance Certificate is actually a 2-part document. The first part, fronted by a graph looking rather like a domestic EPC is the one which receives the most attention, because it look familiar, but in fact legally it must at all times be accompanied by a Recommendations Report. If the one you come […]

Commercial EPCs – What Are They?

At first glance a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate looks very similar to a domestic EPC, but underneath they are quite different creatures. Whereas the domestic EPC methodology (RDSAP) makes assumptions based on the Building Regulations deemed to have been applicable at the time of build, the commercial EPC methodology (SBEM) requires the commercial assessor to […]

Green Deal – Opportunities and challenges

When one looks into the future for energy assessors under the Green Deal, am not at all sure it’s looking good.One thing seems certain from the information coming out about the Green Deal – over the next 18 months everyone in the energy assessment industry is going to have to raise their game just to […]

Conveyancing and the Green Deal Scheme

The Energy Bill is currently passing through Parliament and is expected to receive Royal Assent later this year. Amongst other provisions, it sets out the legal framework for the Green Deal, the Government’s new flagship environmental policy under which it is hoped that up to 14 million home owners will be encouraged to install energy […]

Massive expansion in Display Energy Certificates

We could soon see the next step in a process which could lead to a massive expansion in the use of Display Energy Certificates. September should hopefully see the second reading of an amendment which could add a clause to the Energy Bill currently going through Parliament, requiring commercial premises to have Display Energy Certificates […]

Beware of the online EPC cowboys

Energy Performance Certificates, reporting on the energy efficiency of your home, have been a legal fact of life for home sellers and landlords since August 2007, and you would hope that the market would have settled down by now.

Measuring Success – EPC Recommendations Explained.

If you have seen a full Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) report you will know that there is more to it than just the multi coloured graph that you see on estate agent’s details. There is a report of several pages detailing more specific information such as the estimated energy use of the building, a summary […]

Choosing an Energy Assessor Accreditation Scheme

Choosing an accreditation scheme as a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) or as a Non Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA) is an important step, but not quite as important as choosing the right one. There are many different schemes out there with different rates, different focuses and different strengths. How do you go about choosing the right […]

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