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Top Tips to Save Petrol

If you have a car then you can’t fail to have noticed the massive increases in petrol prices over the last couple of years. Part of the increase is in tax, others in production costs, but it is undeniable that whatever happens the actual oil reserves are running out.

The sad fact is that costs of fuel are likely to increase further and with some experts predicting an average of £1.50 per litre perhaps it is time to look at ways to save fuel where you can on journeys.

petrol stationDon’t worry! This article isn’t going to try to encourage you to change your car or go green by walking everywhere. Obviously if you can buy a more fuel efficient car, or have it refitted to another type of fuel, then fantastic! If you can avoid some journeys by taking public transport, or just fancy getting fitter by walking or cycling, then even better. But let’s be honest, cars are a pretty integral part of most lives these days and this article is here to give some common sense basic tips that everyone could implement to try to eke out a few more miles from every tank of fuel.

So buckle in and we will run through some top tips that should help you save fuel and more importantly money!

1. Drive Smoothly and at a Constant Speed.

Rapid changes in acceleration and speed burn fuel so try to stay at an even speed for as long as possible. Try to look as far ahead as possible to try to plan where you might need to brake or change speed and direction.

2. Keep Your Engine Revs as Low as Possible

Aim to change gears between 2,000 and 2,500 Revs where possible.

3. Check Your Tyre Pressures

Under inflated tyres use more fuel on every journey. Check them regularly to ensure they are the right pressure.

4. Use Air Conditioning Sparingly

Every time you use the air con it does burn extra fuel. So only use it when you have to! Similarly any plug in electrical device also burns extra fuel to operate. So if you are charging items or operating equipment, remember to unplug them when they are done with!

5. Close Your Windows

At high speeds, especially on the motorway, ensure your windows are shut. Even just one open window can increase your fuel consumption!

6. Keep the Weight Down.

Extra weight in your car is extra weight that burns more fuel as you drive. Clear the clutter out, it all helps. However, try to leave the spare wheel! Roof racks also burn fuel too, so if they aren’t being used leave them at home.

7. Turn the Engine Off When at a Stand Still

Even stationary and ticking over an engine is still burning fuel. So if you are in heavy traffic or waiting, turn the engine off until you need it.

There we go. Some simple tips everyone can use to help to make the most of the fuel you use in your car and to save you money. If you have any other tips we would love to hear them.

Written by Symon Silvester

Photo by matsuyuki

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