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5 Reason to have a Renewable Energy Source

Been considering installing a renewable energy source? Want to generate free, green electricity but not sure about investing? Fear not. It is normal to be anxious but here are five ways to help you take the plunge and get the right microgeneration unit in your home.

It is not an easy decision to make but if made for the right reasons with the right technology you may never look back.

1) Work out your motivation

The place to start is always with why you want to have a renewable energy source. You may want to protect the environment, save money on utility bills or a combination of both. Whatever the reasons, understanding what you want to achieve will help establish your commitment and budget for your project. These are not necessarily the same. The technologies all have different requirements and prices. Once you know your motivations it will make choosing the right system for you a much easier choice.

2) Get an Energy Performance Certificate

If receiving financial benefits, such as FIT, from the Government is part of your installation plan you will require a valid EPC. However, it is a good idea to get an EPC anyway, as for around £50 the EPC will determine how energy efficient your home is currently. There is little point in purchasing a microgeneration system if most of the energy created is being lost by your home in equal measure. Making your home as energy efficient as possible will give peace of mind that getting a renewable energy source will pay dividends.

3) Have a look at a friend’s system

If you have a friend or know someone that has a microgeneration system it is great to go round and take a look. Even if it is a system that you do not want it is still a great idea. Seeing the actually technology in the home will help you visualise having your own system and make taking the plunge seem less of a big step. You can also take advantage of their experience and ask questions about how they chose their system and how it is working out for them. If you do not know anyone that has a renewable energy source you can join a forum to talk to other people and see pictures of their installations.

4) Check out the latest electricity prices

With the constant rises in the price of electricity the idea of generating free electricity becomes more appealing by the day. For all the time you do not invest in a microgeneration technology you are not taking advantage of the free electricity that is available. If it is only nerves that is stopping you then this should be all the motivation you need. Many claimed that cuts in financial benefits for those that install green technology were a hit to renewable energy. Yet, with price of electricity set to remain high and people scrambling to lock in at their current rate it could prove more lucrative than ever to invest in a renewable energy source.

5) Do your homework

There is a huge amount of advice and information available about green energy. Use it to help you make an informed choice but do not become overwhelmed by it. Use reputable sites and though you should expect companies to try to sell their services, beware of those that do not seem to have an interest in your project and just give it the hard sell. Investigate the technology you want and do your own research to ensure it will deliver the results you expect. If you are happy on those fronts – install your renewable energy source!

By Michael Hallam

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