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40% don’t understand energy efficiency measures

Research released today has highlighted the extent of British consumers’ woes, with 90% admitting that they are concerned about increasing energy prices this winter.

  • 90% of Brits concerned about increasing energy prices
  • Two thirds admit they will struggle to pay bills this winter

The poll, carried out by Bristol-based Sustain, one of the UK’s leading sustainability companies, alarmingly revealed that 16% will need to cut back on household essentials such as food in order to pay their bills this winter, with a meagre 10% of Brits claiming that they have no concerns over paying them.

Furthermore, it seems that government attempts to incentivise energy efficiencies in the home are falling short, as 40% claim that they do not understand the energy efficiency measures that could be implemented in their home in order to bring down energy bills, with almost a fifth (18%) stating that there is not enough information on such matters made available to them.

Tobias Parker, CEO of Sustain, said, “If, as our research shows, two thirds of the country (65%) is going to struggle to pay energy bills this winter then there is clearly a fundamental problem that needs fixing immediately.

“The longer the energy debate goes on breeding uncertainty, the higher the price will be that consumers pay. The current political point scoring, which is being put above the interests of jobs, household bills and the security of the future is a disgrace and needs to end.

“Calls to shift the collection of funds used for investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy away from energy bills and onto general taxation are merely another attempt to win over the support of the UK public. Rather than attempting to deflect attention from the true costs of energy by looking at a relatively small component of peoples’ bill, action needs to be taken to encourage householders to save energy in order to bring down bills through energy efficiency.”

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  1. Jay's Gravatar Jay
    February 3, 2014 at 7:46 am | Permalink

    The biggest problem I see is that consumers can’t be bothered to take action themselves and instead prefer benefits to be handed to them on a plate.

    I just replaced all my halogen bulbs with LEDs, and BANG .. I get an instant saving!

    Payback in six months and a saving of £180 per annum off my electric bill thereafter.

    There are resources on the web but you have to find them – it’s not easy but it can be done.

    It takes a little effort ..

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