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What is Dual Fuel Energy Tariff?

What is dual fuel? Briefly put, it refers to a utility company that provides both electricity and gas for home heating, cooling, bathing and cooking. If you want to find the best dual fuel tariff then look for a company that provides smart meters with their service as these devices will allow you to monitor your energy usage online, half hourly for electricity and daily for gas.

The trend to use dual fuel has been picking up steam in recent years because of the reduced fuel tariff, and the availability of other discounts. Dual fuel tariffs simplify your life, with just one bill and one direct debit to deal with every month. Using a single company reduces complications when things come up, and gives you more control in how you measure out your own energy usage.

Dual energy not only makes life more convenient but also can reduce costs. In the UK, not everyone has made the switch to a single dual energy supplier, but recently, because of the convenience and savings, an increasing number of residents and businesses are moving ahead, a situation which is both green and economical.

Always be certain to check if you are eligible for a smart tariff, which in addition to the energy supply comes with a cutting edge smart meter at no extra charge. Smart meters provide easy access to monitor your gas and electricity usage online, allowing you to identify energy wastage. Consider the obvious: the energy you don’t use will be the cheapest energy of all.

As an example of potential energy savings, after switching in early 2009, Mr Booth from Solihull in the West Midlands has been relishing his fuel savings. After six months he estimated savings at close to 50%, paying an average of £50 a month for his gas and electricity compared to £106 earlier.

When researching dual fuel deals, take nothing for granted. Insist upon receiving a smart meter, and also be certain that you can pay your bills with an online tariff. Remember that dual fuel prices are constantly fluctuating and consider putting in extra insulation or energy efficient windows, to aid in your energy makeover.

Many gas and electric companies are competing for your energy business; deregulation in the early nineteen nineties created a bit of chaos, at first, but in recent years the onset of more dual fuel providers has indeed begun to benefit many customers. While the overall price of energy is rising, there have been several other benefits as new technologies have been making the UK a greener, more earth-friendly nation.

Written by First Utility, an energy company with a difference. We want to help you understand your energy usage, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure you receive accurate bills.

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    It’s definitely a good choice to change to a dual fuel energy tariff. Combining separate gas and electricity suppliers into one provider is a good opportunity for savings. Besides switching to a dual fuel energy tariff, you can lower your utility bills by making your home more energy efficient. Wall and attic insulation is a very cost effective solution. Double glazed windows can also provide a good return on your investment. Also, check for government subsidies for additional savings on the home improvements you do make.

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