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Is the Electric Car now a viable option?

The electric car has long been hailed as the car of the future. Car companies have invested in better performing and reliable cars. The Government are encouraging sales by offering grants to buyers and providing more power points for recharging cars.

Saving Energy & Money with Fuel-Efficient Driving

Several people at work may have done their bit for the environment by ditching their cars in a morning and hopping on their bicycles, but for many this simply isn’t an option. It’s time-consuming, unpractical and not everyone has the energy to jump back on their bike after a hard days slog at work! So, […]

Electric Cars – the Quiet Revolution

The electric car, or EV (Electric Vehicle) to give it its modern name has been around for decades, but it’s come a long way since the much maligned Sinclair C5. These days many EVs look and drive as good as if not better than their petrol engine equivalents. Advances in battery technology and the introduction […]

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