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Energy Efficiency in a Conservation Area or Listed Building

You may live in a Conservation Area or in a Listed Building and think that energy efficiency is not something that you can think about, or is practical to implement. You may think you would incur the wrath of Building Controls and Conservation Officers if you did decide to do anything. However, there are normally […]

Loft insulation – Filling the Void

Every wondered what the real deal is with loft insulation? After all, the amount in the loft seems to vary from year to year, or sometimes even minute to minute, depending on whom you talk to or what the latest advice is.

Where now with Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme

With environmental issues high on the agenda of the new coalition government, the introduction of the Feed-in Tariff on 1st April 2010 and the Renewable Heat Incentive due to commence on 1st April 2011, energy savings and renewable energy are hot topics at the moment.

Solar Heat Gain Explained

You may have heard of Solar Gain, but few of us know what it actually is and how it can apply in somewhere like our homes. Managed properly solar gain can actually help to save you money on your bills and supplement your heating system.

Boiling Over? – Boiler Efficiencies Explained

If you have been paying attention to the various green schemes and recommendations on energy efficiency you will have noticed the encouragement to upgrade your boiler to the modern efficient types.

Battling the Breeze – Can Draught Proofing Save You Money?

We’ve all sat there in a nice comfortably warm room and suddenly, almost bizarrely we can feel a draught. It’s annoying but did you know draughts like that could also be costing us money?

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